“You hairy melon”

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Dear Reader,

I was invited into a couple of WeChat groups a while ago by a few ladies.

You know what I mean by “groups”, don’t you?

The “phone” (or Wechat) equivalent of Facebook groups etc, and since this one, along with a few others was ALL in Chinese, I didn’t even know what the group was all about – but I accepted the invite as I vaguely (I think) knew one of the ladies (or did I? Not sure, but I think I met her sometime …).

And I started a few casual conversations, mostly about fitness and life in general, much like I do here on my list, but it didn’t seem to generate mucho interest.

OK, no problem,   I thought.

But upon scrutinizing (and translating) the group posts daily I figured out why.

The group was apparently about skin care for females – and WHY these ladies invited me into a group obviously NOT meant for the “ruff and tuff” of the species is beyond me, hehe.

And one fine day upon commenting upon one of the products mentioned in the group I got this response.

“Rahul, your hairy melon use some of the product, can make skin glow better”.

Another one went as follows: “Rahul, you look a little like the Pokemon monster”.

Now, I know not what the Pokemon monster looks like – or if there even IS such a thing, but as I believe I’ve mentioned before, literal Wechat “English-> Chinese” and vice versa tend to be nothing short of absolutely hilarious.

I once messaged a food delivery lady to inquire about food I had ordered a while ago and that did not show up on time and pat came THIS response.

“Hang yo ass on the door!”

Laugh all you like, my friend, but it’s true, and sure enough, I had omitted to check – they had actually “hung” the food on the door knob since I had stepped out for a brief walk.

Anyway, back to melons – hairy or not.

Why do I mention them here?

Well, simply because of THIS reason – melons, in ALL their shapes, forms of guises are by FAR some of the healthiest foods you can partake of – and on a regular basis at that.

If you’re looking for a SUPER nutrient packed food to move things along the “slow and ardous” weight loss path – THIS is IT, my friend.

If you’re looking for a calorie-less ZERO fat nourishing (and hydrating health drink) – 100% natural – well – melons are the way to go, my friend.

And of course, if you’re simply looking to “move things along on the golden throne” (if you get my drift), this’ll do it too, hehe.

I care not if they’re watermelons, musk melons, or even cantaloupes – melons are something ALL of us should include in our diets at some point in the day. I generally eat these for breakfast or after meals – or as a snack – and ALL options are OK.

Now, at this point those of you that have read what I wrote in the Simple and Effective diet must be scratching your chins.

Those of you that have read my daily dispatches on never eating breakfast must be as well.

Well – hold your horses. I’m not “switching sides” all of a sudden. I STAND BY what I’ve said in the past – but by that same token, I’m making a few small changes to my diet these days for reasons not related to fitness (or weight gain – or loss) – and am closely monitoring my energy levels throughout the day as I do so.

Yesterday’s breakfast was eggs and Tabasco. MMMM – yet another super nutritious option provided you go easier on the frying and don’t dump a ton of cheese etc on dem eggs, hehe.

Anyway, so thats today’s tip. Incorporate melons into your diet if at all possible – you’ll be nigh amazed by the benefits that you’ll start to experience almost instantly.

Along with that, always remember and as I’ve stated in all my courses (most, at least) that while nutrition is a very important part of the overall deal, EXERCISE is still king, my friend.

You can eat “healthy” all you like – but without the right form of exercise it will ALL come to naught. That might sound harsh to a lot of you that are weaned on the “it’s 90% diet, 10% exercise” principle, but it’s true, my friend. ‘Tis indeed true.

Jack La Lanne said it best. “Exercise is king, and nutrition is queen. Together they form a kingdom”.

Amen to that, my friend – and I’ll close on that “sage” note.

Be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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P.S. #2 – So says the man with the hairy melon.


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