Keep it moving

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Dear Reader,

As I commenced my morning workout this fine morning, I saw plenty of people exercising along in the local park where I was.

They were doing a variety of things. Yoga. Walking. Some were attempting power walking as well. Stretching. You name it, and they were doing it.

And in a country like India where obesity is pretty much not just an epidemic but (and in my opinion) a pandemic – and NOT just amongst adults, mind you, this can only be a good thing.

Another good things is that a lot of these folks are “regulars” i.e. they’ve been doing these routines for years without fail. I still remember a lot of the gentlemen I saw walking around today from “way back in the day” when yours truly used to partake of regular workouts here albeit not quite at the time I did today (was literally up with the roosters and peacocks today, hehe).

But … here’s the sad part.

Most of these folks could be classified as not just fat – or overweight – but OBESE. And while the exercise is a GOOD thing (again – mark my works – I’m NOT carping on them here) – the problem is WHAT they are doing.

Huh? Isn’t yoga supposed to be good? Isn’t “LSD” cardio supposed to be what your heart needs to get into the “fat burning zone” and “stay there”?

Well, I could respond in the negative here as I’ve done in the past –  but a quick look at said fine folks will give you all the answers you need.

Anyway, as I was going through my dips a gentleman showed up. Two, in fact, with two young girls in tow as well (probably around 10 to 12 years of age).

The first gentleman showed up in the workout area and promptly parked his ass down on a bench.

The girls started to fool around on the dipping bars, not doing much of anything (nothing that would reduce the flab at any rate).

But in the midst of all this, as I was pounding out pull-ups, I noticed the other gentleman.

He kept on doing something – and pretty energetically at that.

He did modified burpees. Tried to haul himself across the monkey bars – and though he couldn’t quite get there, I’d pat him on the back for sheer effort if I had known him. And so forth.

And in the midst of all this, he uttered the most important words of them all.

“Keep it moving! Hurry up – don’t sit around!” (all this directed at the other gentleman and the two young girls).

“Laziness ho jati hai! Come on! Keep it moving!” (Part of that is Hindi, but I suppose you get the drift).

This guy wasn’t “svelte” by any means – but he certainly wasn’t “corpulent” either. Blocky, perhaps, and by his own admission overweight (“Body bahut jada phool gayi hai” is what he said i.e. my body is bloated) – but still – in a heck of a lot better condition than the OTHER folks I’ve mentioned.

There are two important lessons to be learned here, my friend.

First off, your body wasn’t designed to do what folks have been taught to do by personal trainers and gym rats galore, that being to “pump a certain weight for 10 reps” and then “rest” for another 10-15 minutes before you go at it again.

Your body was NOT designed to run slowly on the treadmills while watching TV.

No – your body was – as this guy put it – designed to KEEP IT MOVING!

And one way to do this – and indeed the BEST way is to partake of interval training, which is what I myself do for the first part of my workout.

ALL the routines given in the 0 Excuses Fitness System can be put under this fat blasting umbrella – and if you need any further proof, just see me dripping with sweat after a 250 odd pushup workout – IN air-conditioning at that – done in less than 25 minutes.

Key part to remember here is again this – you KEEP it moving. You do NOT “laze” around between sets. Sure, you can take a quick break here and a quick break there, but maintaining focus and KEEPING it MOVING are both key to fat burning and muscle gain, my friend.

Second, and as you might have guessed, the obvious progression to this is to SPEED things up as much as you can.

My flat land sprint workouts are a perfect example of this. They last between 10-15 minutes – but the workout I get in that time period (and a lot of it is “rest”) is way, way more intense than what most “pavement pounders” and “slow walkers” and “keep the heart rate within a target range” folks get.

So those are the two tips for today, my friend. I’m feeling awesome right about now – on top of the world – and so will you, my friend – if you do things the 0 Excuses way.

Crack open your copy of the System today, and experience the wondrous benefits for yourself in all their glory!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You might also want to take a gander at “Advanced Hill Training” – – which I really should rename “Advanced Sprint Training”,  as these routines are really just as effective on both flat land as well as hills. Routines that’ll have you melting fat within less than 20 seconds max – IF you can last that long the first time you try! Here is where you can get the goodies – –

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