A great exercise mangled

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Dear Reader,

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I’ve often spoken about the Hindu a.ka. “wrestler” pushup being one of the best exercises there is that you can do.

Plenty of people talk about how to do this exercise. In fact, a lot of personal trainers are now (finally, thank God) starting to jump on the bandwagon – – which is a good thing – – but unfortunately, most of the people that either teach/do this great exercise are way, way off base when it comes to technique and form (not to mention cadence).

One of the MOST common mistakes I see made is people don’t stretch all the way back. They go into a sort of “half stretch” – but this, as I point out in the videos is NOT the way to do ’em.

You should be stretched out all the way back – and your back should bend as far forward as possible. Watch the videos for more detail, but this ONE detail is key – along with the next one I’ll mention.

So second, a lot of folks turn the “going down” portion of the exercise into something else altogether – something it was NOT meant to be.

Most people end up touching their hips (and for whatever reason, the groin area) to the ground – pausing – and then continuing into a sort of upward arch again.

This, my friend, is NOT the way to do ’em!

You do NOT pause in the middle of a rep when doing a Hindu pushup – and if you do, you pause in correct form.

The right way to do a rep (for the Hindu pushup) is in ONE fluid motion, sort of like an ocean wave.

You go all the way back, dip down, and then in ONE motion arch back up – and then revert back to the original position, all WITHOUT touching the hips to the ground and without bending the arms one bit.

‘Tis hard to explain it all in an email, but the reason I’m saying it here is that FORM on this one exercise, more than many others is paramount, my friend – and if you do these, you owe it to yourself to take more than a quick gander at the videos I’ve got out there for ya – both the instructional videos as well as the “250 pushup” workout video.

Along with the Hindu pushup, the regular pushup is another one that is much mangled. Folks bounce up and down galore, and end up sagging in the midsection in their “vain” attempts to reach more rep numbers, but the fact is that NONE of this helps you one damn bit.

If anything it’ll impede your progress and lead to shoulder/lower back injuries down the road – but try telling that to the preeners and posers, hehe, who’ll do just about anything to “show off” and/or “impress the babes at the gym”.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m back after a great, great workout, and it’s time to relax with some much needed green tea.

I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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