“It feels good, but little else”

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Dear Reader,

Hot on the heels of my “gentleman horribly mangling the Hindu pushup” email comes another.

Truth be told, the last email said he “mangled” it as opposed to horribly mangled it – and though the difference may or may not appear to be that important – it is.

That particular gentleman was doing what the vast bulk of folks do when attempting this exercise – and while it’s by NO means right, or even anything to encourage, it pales in comparison to what I’m going to tell you now.

Y’all reading this have probably noted a dramatic uptick in the number of such “cases” I’m reporting here in the email, and truth be told, it’s shocking – but true – New Delhi, India (at least the part where I’m at) seems to have well and truly taken over the mantle of “most obese big city” in the world.

‘Tis not an exaggeration etc – it’s FACT based upon what I see around me daily.

Anyway, this particular gentleman was in conversation with the other dude I described in my morning email to you.

And what was he doing?

Well, he was doing pull-ups – – if you consider “putting your palms” on the pull-up bar to be doing a pull-up.

Actually, he didnt even get as far as the pull-up bar. All he was doing was this – raising one arm up to the monkey bars – gripping it (with one hand) in a “limp fish” sort of manner (both feet planted firmly on terra firma by the way) and then “gingerly feeling” his side with the other hand.

He then made several agitated “ughs” and “ooomphs” as if he was doing any actual gripping or pulling, made a highly exaggerated expression of “pain”,  and “released” the bar. And that was one rep.

And if you’re wondering why I’m using quotes galore, well – you KNOW why by now!

Oh, he was doing dips as well … if you consider walking up to the dipping bars and “gripping” the sides of the bars (in the manner described above) to be dips.

At about this point he’s probably not the only one holding his sides either – you probably are as well after reading this – but there is more.

As he spoke to the other gentleman, he made a remark.

“Acha to lagta hai, lekin uske aage pata nahin kya benefit hai”.

(It feels good, but there’s certainly nothing more than that. No benefits!)

Well gee whiz, no wonder …

Anyway, why do I mention this?

First, as a carry over from my “mangling” post this morning. If the dude this morning was mangling the pushup, THIS guy was super-gorilla-DEMOLISHING pull-ups and dips. I mean Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick in the middle of the ocean – if anything constitutes sheer tomfoolery – this does!

Second, because he was (as expected) obese to a T as well – and third – he’d lose weight – and quickly – if he just applied himself and did the right things instead of prancing about like a ballerina and “feeling his forearms” after each imaginary rep.

Sad part, this sort of thing is common place where I am right about now – and while you might imagine I’d be intervening and “advising” said folks, I don’t.

To each his own is what I say, and on the few occasions I DID advise some people – it didn’t result in much as apparently the hard work involved in my advice was too much.

Ah well. Can but lead a horse to water, as they say …

Good news is this though – – when you DO take my advice – – and when you follow the routines/recommendations laid out in all my courses – – you’ll accomplish far more than feel better.

You’ll not only FEEL better – but you’ll do so almost instantly – – and you’ll LOOK better within a few days of starting this routine. And indeed its NOT a stretch to say that many of the “0 Excuses faithful” have reported layers of blubber starting to recede after only a few – repeat – a FEW – BASIC- workouts.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friend. Just the tip.

Now, if you’re part of the group that prefers to do what the category of folks mentioned above do on a regular basis and call it a “workout” – well, fine by me. I’m certainly not going to crawl over broken glass to beg you to implement my routines etc.

Hey, to each his (or her) own is what I say. I can but offer advice, and the rest is up to YOU, my friend.

On the other hand though, if you’re part of the elite few who truly desire WORLD CLASS fitness and superior levels of strength, health, and well being (not necessarily in that order) – – well – – I’m right here for ya!

OK – that’s it for now. Be back again with more later.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Make a royal start to the journey of lifelong and LASTING health, strength and fitness right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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