Do YOU wake up tired every morning?

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Dear Reader,

Woke up this morning and hugged my wife in the kitchen as she was completing a few chores.

She’s feeling tired and run down – – due to a variety of reasons NOT linked to fitness or even health for that matter.

“Now I feel so tired ….”

And though her situation is (again) not linked to lack of fitness or the right lifestyle as you might imagine, this reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a long time now.

One of the most common “banes” of modern day living is this – folks, for the most part go to bed tired – and WAKE up tired as well.

Going to bed tired may or may not be something that surprising – but WAKING  up tired?

Aren’t we all supposed to wake up feeling FRESH – after a much deserved rest?

Sleep is Nature’s great restorer. The great healer – both physical and mental – and of course, as I’ve spoken about  before, programming your mind correctly before bed can (and usually does) lead your mind to find solutions for problems that currently exist in your life.

Incredulous as it might sound, many a post here has actually been “written” in my dreams – and visualization plays a key part in all this, of course.

But getting back on track – it’s sad that the vast majority of people not only put up with “waking up tired” but also “accept it as normalcy” and the way things should be.

Well, I’ve got news for ya, my friend.

It’s NOT how it’s supposed to be – – and believe it or not, all the modern day junk out there about “what to do” to feel great upon waking up is actually the exact opposite of what you SHOULD be doing.

We’re told to do cardio “for X amount of time” so our body gets into fat burning mode and we “expend X amount of calories/energy”.

We’re told to monitor our diets closely – right down to the last morsel of food passing your lips.

We’re told to “workout 3X a week” so our bodies have “enough time to repair themselves”.

And plenty of other things, and yet despite doing ALL these things and more – – people still don’t feel great either upon waking up, OR during the day for that matter.

What if you were told that there was a way to feel great as SOON as you wake up – and KEEP feeling great throughout the day?

That way exists, my friend.

And it’s simple as pie – and the way is this – incorporate deep breathing into your morning routines.

I’m not saying turn into a yogi or yogini. No – that sort of thing can actually be counter productive from a certain angle if not done right.

I’m talking about deep breathing – done correctly – and and deep breathing practiced ALONG with the right exercises – first thing in the morning.

The first thing most people do in the morning is what they SHOULD NOT be doing.

Grab a cup of coffee. Light up a cigarette. Turn on the laptop – or the news on Tee-Vee – – or, worst, and most common, check the dumbphone instantly after waking up.

All any of this is give you a massive headache to start the day.

Instead, why not incorporate deep breathing into your routine along with some of the stretches and exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness?

Why not work up a sweat doing a 100 Hindu Squats right after waking up, for instance, and BREATHE the way  I tell you with each rep, and THEN take care of the other nonsense?

You, my friend, are the most important thing you gotta take care of – and this means your health and well being along with your mental state take priority over everything else.

And if you can jump – or kick – start the day with 10-15 feel good routines that keep the feeling good feeling lasting all day, why not?

It’s a no brainer, my friend.

Without further ado then, make the leap over to the 0 Excuses side, my friend – and get cracking TODAY. You’ll be forever glad you did so!



P.S. – If you’re currently NOT feeling great as you SHOULD be – well – make no more excuses, my friend. Hark on over right here and dive straight into it – –

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