Indeed an inspiration!

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Dear Reader,

‘Twas a hot, hot day out there today. Oh boy!

The humidity levels must be approaching near about 70% – and this is early in the morning. Can only imagine what it feels like later on with temperatures approaching 47 degrees Celsius, but then again – I don’t need to imagine it.

I’m living here, so I KNOW how hot it is.

Anyway, a little bit of heat never stopped this particular maniac from working out, did it?

I’ve written earlier about my sojourns and regular hill treks in China where though the actual temperatures were somewhat lower (around 35-38 or so in general) – the humidity meter rarely, if ever budged from the 90% or higher mark.

Felt about the same …

Anyway, I wrote about a (near) 70 year old tough dude – a retired Brigadier General – a few days ago, and I saw this tough dude working out today again.

He works out daily in the morning as well come rain, hail shine – or humidity, for that matter, and the first thing I had to say to him today was this.

“You’re an inspiration for people your age! Most people your age don’t … ”

I trailed off, but the gist was evident.

Actually, I should have said he’s an inspiration, period. Not only has this dude served in the Armed Forces since the age of 16 (NO mean feat, I can assure you) – his workout routine, albeit not quite as extreme as mine would put most modern 16-30 year olds to shame.

Not just that though. It’s his dedication to the routine that really counts.

He’s there every morning – come rain, hail, sun or shine – and THAT is really the key, my friend.

It’s often been said that showing up is half the battle won – and it holds true for fitness as well.

In “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud within WEEKS” I wrote about my own journey from a measly 20 or so pull-ups per workout to well over a 100 per workout.

And amongst the other tips I’ve given you in that manual, what I said above is equally applicable. Showing up was half the battle won – even in that regard.

“I was the one that got the pull-up bar here installed”, said this fine (young) gentleman as he was completing a set of modified leg raises.

“For real?” I asked, surprised. And yet, as he said I knew it was him that must have been responsible for getting the apparatus installed – and that too in a park where it hadn’t been done for ages.

Believe me, getting something like that done in a city like New Delhi where the general levels of fitness are nothing short of pathetic and where “babudom” (read bureaucracy) reigns supreme is NO mean feat.

And I just had to shake his hand once again – this time with an extra bit of “Gorilla”added in, if you get my drift, hehe.

“I gotta say thank you for that, man!”

And I meant it. I meant every word of it.

Mucho respect Sir – – you’ve earned, and continue to earn every bit of it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if stories like the above don’t inspire YOU to get off your duff today and get started on the road to superior and lasting health, strength, and fitness – – well then I don’t know what will. If you’re amongst the crowd that will read this and go “Oh well, that’s fine for them, but …” – – well, then there’s nothing I can do. But if you’re part of the group that decides it’s time to make a CHANGE – and do so NOW – well, then, I’m here for you, my friend. I’m right here – –

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