“Contentment is contentment, but fat will wear XL”

Dear Reader,

Oh my. Right about after I sent you that last email, I saw something on a contact’s social media that I just had to share with you.

That contact being “Emily” – a real estate agent that’s helped me in the past, and a contact that is (unfortunately) putting on way too much weight around the midsection than she should.

Now, at this point a lot of you will probably be asking me to “hang on to my hat” given the “XL” size I posted above.

After all, a size XL isn’t that is it? Especially not in the modern day world and many “developed” nations where XL seems to be viewed as skinny while the lard asses packing their gargantuan bellies into “large size” (read clothes made for ultra-fat people – as if we needed more of that!) T-shirts seems to be viewed upon as normal.

But it is – at least for Emily – as she’s a Chinese girl – taller than the average Chinese girl, but still fairly fit when compared to most of the “outside” world – though not in her eyes, and probably not in mine either.

She was probably a trim 25 or so around the midsection when I First met her, but when I last met her, all the danger signals pointing towards “lardassianess” were glowing brightly.

Expanding midsection, “thunder thighs” (that admittedly didn’t look too bad, hehe), and the rest – but anyway, the pictures and caption she posted on social media were of her and her friends (I believe) gorging on street food and stuffing their gullets with all sorts of unhealthy delicacies – especially at that advanced hour (from what it seems they were gorging way past midnight).

Now – – admittedly I had to translate what I told you in terms of “contentment being contentment”, and as y’all know the translation doesn’t always work accurately but the gist is clear enough, eh?!

Especially when accompanied by some “sigh” and “fed up” emoticons.

The message she was posting was loud and clear.

Eat up – drink up – be merry – and do no exercise whatsoever while living a highly unhealthy “modern day” lifestyle – – if you’re content to stay unfit.

And for her, a size “XL” means what a size “XXXXL” would to us, hehe.

Sad part is, that post actually got a lot of likes and “commiserations” in terms of her having a busy schedule, hectic lifestyle etc.

Fiddlesticks, I say. What this lady needs is a good dose of what I mentioned earlier on this morning – that being quick, intense and RAPID bursts of exercise done the way I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness.

The squats by themselves will ensure those thunder thighs melt away and the midsection gets chiseled down to a trim “M” instead of a “XL” as she’s currently lamenting. And that’s just the squats.

Work in the ab work and the pushups, and she’ll truly had a body she can display proudly on social media – – clad in “M” size clothing, hehe.

OK – so that’s it for today. If you’re content to balloon in and out of your clothes, rapidly advancing towards “super obese” peak, well, no problem, my friend. That’s your prerogative, and I support your right to live life as a beached whale.

But if you’re like Emily – who is at least aware of the situation and (looks like) she’s trying to change herself for the better – well  – I’m right here for ya!

Here is that link then right again, my friend – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

It truly WILL change your life for the better.


Rahul Mookerjee

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