My constant battle trying to “fit into” my clothes

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Dear Reader,

Yes, you read that right.

Yours truly – fitness fanatic – pull-up and sprint maniac – a guy that climbs hills in his dreams (and wakes up to them apparently as well as I did today in a certain regard) – and a guy that pounds out pushups and dips by the dozen or more has the SAME issue as a lot of other people do.

You know what I’m talking about, dont you?

What do I  mean by the “constant battle trying to fit into clothing”?

Well, for most people, this translates into trying to fit into size 32 – or 34 – jeans – and not quite succeeding.

Or perhaps putting on that body hugging slim fit T-shirt you had when you were 20 or so, and having a few buttons pop off instantly.

Or perhaps just a battle trying to shop for clothes to camouflage the “expanding girth” around the midsection.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with all of this, eh?

And as for me?

Well, I’ve got trouble fitting into my clothes for sure – – but in my case, it’s the OPPOSITE.

I bought a couple of T-shirts the other day in India. Size XXL.

They fit fine around the traps and shoulders (a tad bit tight, but all good) – – but thats about the ONLY area they fit fine.

South of chest and “north of knee”, it looks like I’ve got a bloody tent on to be honest.

I mean, for real. The darn thing is billowing around me as I speak as if a tornado had turned it upside down – and as for pants?

Well – – my wife bought a size “L” pair of shorts the other day – – and she literally had to take a needle to it to ensure I could wear it.

That darn thing wasn’t no L – at least not for me. I could pull it up all the way to  my chest and more, if that tells you anything!

Funny part is, the reason clothing manufacturers make clothes like this is because THIS is what people “need” and this is what sells.

In short – and in a nutshell – clothing manufacturers these days make clothes for fat  – or obese people – and the small minority that actually believes in staying fit – and doing what it takes?

Well, we’ve got a battle on our hands for sure!

Anyway, the fact is that most that are battling to fit into clothes they haven’t been for years would like to end this battle pronto – and the good news is this – there IS hope.

There is SOLID hope – and there are ways to whittle down that midsection quicker than you thought or believed possible.

Quicker than the gym bros tell you it can be done. Quicker than taking “magic pills” that don’t work.

Quicker than going on fad diets that do the exact opposite of what they promise.

Yada, nada, schnada.

And how do I know all this?

Well, I’m living proof of what I say, my friend. I’ve got plenty of pics and vids out there on social media — as well as right here on the site and the products – – and if THOSE don’t tell you the entire story, I don’t know what will.

Without further ado then, HERE are the two products you need to start whittling down that waist and chiseling them abs and upper body – –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System – a must have for anyone serious about fitness.

(Available right HERE – –

Advanced Hill Training – – routines that will quite literally TORCH the fat off your body so efficiently that you WILL be able to eat and drink more – and STILL end up losing blubber all over your body at breakneck pace.

(Note – – the routines can be done on flat land as well as hills – – but you DO need to build a base first – – and 0 Excuses Fitness gives you that base. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can jump straight into the “Advanced Hill Training” stuff without prior conditioning. You can’t).

And that’s that for today, my friend. I’m back to wondering how exactly to “whittle” this tent down, hehe. Maybe another needle? We’ll see!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I might actually come out with a few T-shirts of my own down the line. 0 Excuses branded – – Just do it — NO excuses tolerated! Sounds cool, eh?!

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