4 year old does handstands

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Dear Reader,

It’s been a blast ever since I got back a few weeks ago. Truth be told it’s only been like 2 and a half weeks, but it feels like a lifetime!

Anyway, one of the first things I was interested in doing was getting my 4 year old to do handstands – – supported in part by me, of course – – and this was something SHE was interested in doing as well for a long, long time.

Funny how that works, eh? The vast majority of kids these days are interested in little else other than their smartphones and cartoons on Tee Veeeeeee – -and yet here is my little one practically begging Papa to get her to do handstands.

That isn’t to say she doesn’t do the usual kid stuff – she does – but anyway, it’s been a blast. She’s doing supported handstands nigh perfectly as of now – – I dare say even better than me, hehe, as it’s just so natural!

The kick up, the “fluid” motion, and the kick back down, all so natural and fluid …

Anyway, something we’ve ALL noticed is that kids never tend to put on weight (well, before the age of 6 or so – – and I’m talking “real” kids as opposed to those raised on a diet of chips, cookies, fast food and Tee Veeeeeee) no matter what they eat.

I mean, my four year old can literally gorge on chocolates ALL day long – – and she won’t put on a lick of weight despite that.

Tummy problems, yes – – but weight? Any excess fat? Forgettttt about it – – in fact most folks are calling her skinny – though she’s NOT — she’s fit as a fiddle – – as four year olds should be.

And lest you think gymnastic movements, handstands and stretches are the only keys to “kiddie fitness” (something which we ALL need as adults, btw) – think again.

It’s not by a long shot.

Sure, the movements help. Sure, they’re the movements YOU need to be doing – and doing DAILY as well.

But more than that, it’s the speed at which kids do stuff.

Right about now, my daughter is about 55 minutes or so into her “one hour allowance” (morning allowance) on the smartphone. And she’s sitting so quietly that you could be forgiven for thinking she’s a statue.

Still as a pillar. Not a single muscle moving except her eyes.

But come time to grab breakfast – or her favorite treat – and what happens?

She’ll literally BOUND out of that chair she’s in now – with NO warm up – and she’ll RACE like her life depended upon it to the kitchen – and that too without thinking!

And once she gets what she wants, it’s back to “el coucho”. or “el chairo”, hehe.

Ever notice toddlers move around? Ever notice the way – and speed at which they move?

It’s RAPID, my friend.

A toddler doesn’t “walk on to the kitchen” to get his treat. No – he/she RUNS there – and runs back to enjoy his treat – – and despite long periods of sleep and inactivity, when it’s time to get the job done, they sure get it done QUICK!

Even if it’s a simple run to Papa to ask me something – she’ll do it FAST – and this without me “goading ” her in any way to be quick. It’s just natural for her – and is natural for MOST kids (until lazy parents snuff out the instinct).

There’s a lot to be learned from this, methinks.

As adults, WE would benefit greatly from doing things the way kids do – and THAT is one of the central tenets, along with the deep breathing in 0 Excuses Fitness.

The routines are quick ‘n dirty BLASTS that will literally incinerate fat from your frame in 15 minutes or less a day – and guess what? Most of that 15 minutes will be REST when you first start.

‘Tis true, my friend. ‘Tis so true …

So if you’re like the vast majority of folks today that is packing on way, way too much flabbage around the midsection despite long sessions at the gym and yoga class – – well, fret no more.

Sprint on over HERE, and be prepared to open a whole new Chapter in your life – – a newer, more energetic, fitter – and STRONGER – YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you aren’t following us already on social media, what are you waiting for, my friend? Instagram would be a great place to start – – @0excusesfitness  …

P.S. #2 – As for getting better at handstands – and handstand pushups – thats something most of us want to do, but don’t have a clue as to how to. Good news is this – – there IS a course that’ll teach you how to do it – – and do so QUICK – – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

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