My daughter’s “gorilla grip”

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Dear Reader,

Had the most awesome and refreshing drink last night – something I’ve had before as well, but a lot more since I’ve been in India.

It’s hot as heck here. The mercury be touching 45 degrees – or more – and thats the SHADE temperature from what some folks say.

Whatever the actual temperature or reading, it’s way, way hotter than it used to be in Southern China where I was – though not nearly as humid, so it’s about the same in terms of feeling at the end of the day.

It’s a dry heat here though – the kind that saps you the minute you step out of the house, and this drink aids a LOT – if drunk sparingly and at night on occasion.

And what is it exactly, you ask?

Well, my wife made it – so I’m not too sure- but it’s basically vodka mixed in with lime – – or should I say a “dash” of vodka mixed in with lime – – as well as rock salt, and a few other simple but “effective” goodies.

My wife claims she’s learnt it from someplace – but I’m not so sure – given her already awesome culinary skills, this might just be something she concocted up – and boy is it refreshing.

The lime and rock salt are what make all the difference, and what we generally do is we crush the lemons beforehand to get the juice out, and that, my dear reader, in case you’re wondering is where the connection to my little girl’s grip comes in.

“Papa, I want to do it! I want to do it! ” were the excited shrieks we heard as we were preparing this “adult” beverage – and soon enough, my little girl rushed into the kitchen.

“I want to squeeze them! I have a GORILLA grip!” were the exact words she uttered –  or should I say bellowed – as much as a four year old can bellow, hehe.

“I want to do it!”

“Ok, honey. You do it. Here is how you grip the thingy … and … squeeze hard!”

“Okkkkkkkkkk! I have a gorilla grip, Papa!” and as she said those words, the effort in her face and the muscles moving up and down her tiny little forearms showed me that she WAS indeed putting EVERYTHING she had into it.

“More! Squeeze harder! Gorilla Grip!”

“Ugggggggggggggghhhhhhh” and so she did!

Later on that night we had a “handshake” competition – I’m trying to get her to develop that “unnatural  pull in her grip” that I speak about so often.

And guess what – she damn near crushed my left hand – or at least did her best to.

I actually felt it on my thumb – if you recall, that thumb was injured in a most nasty fashion in early January, and I still “feel” it on occasion.

Anyway – the point of me telling you this is … ?

Well, because it’s an uber-important tip I cover in Gorilla Grip – and one you SHOULD use if you’re even remotely interested in developing a cast iron grip – – that being to grip HARD – – grip like your life depended upon it.

Don’t just hold the bar like the guys at the gym do. Grip that sucka as if your entire life depended upon it and squeeze it until it literally either “bends” or squeals for mercy.

Neither one of this will happen of course, but you get my drift.

Most adults just listen to this advice, nod their heads, and then do exactly squat all.

Case in point being a guy in the park I was coaching on pull-ups – and though he did take my advice on board in terms of gripping the pull-up bar HARD (this is yet another tip I cover in the course) – he didn’t actually do it.

“That’s damn hard” he noted.

“Sure is, but it’s what builds real strength”, I replied.

And that was the end of that.

Not so with kids. Get ’em involved in any activity — and they partake of it like their very life depended upon it.

Vim, vigor and gusto indeed – and thats how it SHOULD BE!

So that’s today’s tip, my friend. Don’t just grip – – grip HARD – – SQUEEZE hard – – and watch your results skyrocket!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And in case you thought that the initial Gorilla Grip course is all we’ve got in terms of gripping material – – well — think again. The ADVANCED course right here blows what I’ve said in the initial course right out of the water – – and here is where you can grab it – –

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