Man, this heat is something ELSE!

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Dear Reader,

Man oh man oh man. As it says, this heat here in “here neck of the woods” is something else altogether – – and something unlike anything I’ve felt for years.

It’s this dry, “dry-sticky” sort of desert heat (mixed in with more than a fair degree of pollution) and the temperature is touching 45 degrees Centigrade on a regular basis these days – – and thats shade temperature from what some people say.

Man oh man. Even sitting at home without the air-con on all day makes me feel like I’m a chicken being broiled – or roasted (alive!) – and thats saying something, since I’ve been in China for years, and the heat is pretty bad there as well.

And while the humidity was certainly more where I was a month or so ago, this dry heat is the undisputed KING when it comes to sapping your energy quicker than you can draw a nice long breath.

And YES – I’m still working out – hard and regular as usual, but even I’ve had to make some adjustments to my “crazy” (not really, hehe) workout schedules due to the heat and conditions outside (and even indoors).

We don’t have air-conditioning in all the rooms here (something which for whatever reason seems to be a staple here in India for the most part) so even a quick ‘n’ dirty 0 Excuses workout will make me FEEL it – BIG time  – way, way more so than I felt it WITH the A/C on back when I was shooting the videos with Cindy.

(The 0 Excuses Fitness workouts can be gotten right here – –

First off, it’s important to remember that late riser though you may be (I am), anti-morning person though you might be (I am), “relax at night with a few …” person though you may be (I am, though not in the sense you’d associate with the term), now is NOT the time to pay heed to those preferences.

When it’s as hot and oppressive as it is both indoors and outdoors it’s far better to train either early in the morning – – or late evenings – – or even at NIGHT, crazy as that might sound.

I tried the morning routine. Didnt work for me. But there’s no way I’m going to go back to my preferred time slot of 11 A.M. workouts in this heat. No way, Jose!

I’m working out late evenings these days – and though it’s taken me a while to adjust – I’m doing fine even with the changed time etc.

Second, it’s important to know that staying hydrated is of paramount importance – even more so NOW.

And as I’ve written in the Simple and Effective Diet, Coca Cola, coffee, sugary “cold” drinks, common iced tea and other such drinks are NOT the best way to stay hydrated.

Plain ole water works best – in HEAPING quantities, my friend.

A couple of other “local” delicacies I’ve been trying here are sugarcane juice and spicy buttermilk – – both GREAT options – – nourishing and refreshing at the same time. You may not be able to find freshly squeezed sugarcane juice where you’re at – but if you can – I highly recommend you give it a serious shot.

Ditto for the buttermilk.

I’ll have more on that in the future, but the third thing – now is not the time to wear “body hugging” clothing when working out. Allow your body even more space to breathe. Wear loose, comfortable clothing – – or even better (if you’re a guy) – – do what I did in China, which is to work out “topless”.

NOT for “show” – – but it just feels a heck of a lot better – and those that have done it know what I BE yellin about.

Last, but not least, remember that workouts now more so than ever need to be short – sweet – and BRUTALLY effective.

Hot weather conditions are NOT the time you’d want to experiment on the latest “50 reps x 100 sets x 2000 cool downs” workouts the bros detail in the muscle mags.

You want to keep things short and sweet. You want to get the max bang for your buck in the time you workout – and believe me, you’ll have only so much energy to devote anyway if the weather is as hot as it is here in your neck of the woods.

And 0 Excuses Fitness workouts are the BEST workouts you can do in this sort of weather, my friend. Partake of any of the workouts detailed at the end of the manual — or simply follow along with me in the 250 pushup workout vid, and you’ll know what I mean!

Well, my friend – that’s IT for now. I’m off to partake of some A/C myself now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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