Fit – or “face”?

Dear Reader,

What I’m about to say right now ain’t gonna sound too nice, but it has to be said – – so listen up, folks.

This post is probably going to generate a lot of feedback – – and if you feel compelled to send in comments etc, by all means do so – – either via email or via our social media accounts.

I can’t promise I’ll respond to ’em all – – but I’ll try!

And what I’m going to tell you is this – – put very bluntly, the vast majority of people out there engaged in fitness – – or activities that are supposedly about getting fit – – are not really there to get fit in the first place.

Case in point being the recent “beer yoga” trend that seems to have taken center stage in some parts of the world. I mean, can there be anything more ridiculous than this??

Or the “hash runs” I spoke about before at the local pub – – an event that generates plenty of sales – – sure – – but also a ton of selfies and expanding waistlines (to say the least”, but does NOT do what you’d think a run would.

And this holds true for a lot of folks that patronize modern day gyms and partake of modern day training methods as well – – routines designed to promote selfies, mirror gazing, pumping, preening, flexing imaginary “muscles” and doing everything one can to get that babe’s number on the treadmill right next to you (and not succeeding a lot of times).

But why just fitness?

Let’s take a look at other activities – – eating out, for instance.

Eating out used to be (back in the day) something folks would genuinely ENJOY.

These days it seems to be all about going to the most “haute” (pardon my French, hehe) and “upscale” restaurants – – and while there is NOTHING fundamentally wrong with this, the portions served at most of these establishments make you feel like you’d rather have eaten peanuts as a warm up snack – and paid a fraction of what you’d pay at said places.

Amazingly enough, though most people would agree with this – – a lot of folks still choose to frequent these places – – post selfies galore for “face” (look, Mommy, I ate out at the best place in town) – – and then come back home to grab some REAL grub.

And no, I’m NOT kidding you. I could give you plenty of examples as well, but I won’t here.

“Look Mommy. I ate out, but I’m still starving!”

I mean, for real.  .  .!

Anyway, this selfie/”show off” / “face” obsession is something that irritates me immensely. Being I’m not the narcissistic sort I rarely post pictures of the sort that most fitness guys do – -and you know the sort, don’t you?

All oiled up, greased up, ready to pose at “just that right minute”, with the mirror at just the right angle …

And so forth.


None of that for me, and I could care less if it loses me sales, or followers, or what have you.

My mission – and goal – has ALWAYS been to a) give it to you STRAIGHT in terms of fitness – and b) do so in a brutally honest manner that I follow myself.

ALL my products bear this “no frills, no BS” hallmark, and those that are part of the 0 Excuses crew know this.

So in case you’re wondering – – the 0 Excuses Fitness System will NOT pander to you if you’re looking for “fancy stuff” or “exercises that go well with selfies” – – or “exercises that look purdy enough to show off on Facebook”.

And so forth.

In fact, when you first begin, you’ll be hard pressed to even take a selfie between sets, so intense will your heart rate – and the pounding the rest of your body receives, hehe. And so if you’re that sort of person, well, be forewarned – the System is NOT for you, my friend.

But if you’re part of the rapidly growing “get real” movement – – those that keep it real, and do so in the fitness world as well, well, my hats off to you – – and I’m right HERE for you, my friend.

I’m right here – and I’ll continue to be, regardless of external factors.

Keeping it real,

Yours truly,

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I actually once had a “Keeping it real” Wechat group when I was in China. Isn’t that cool?? Met some cool people there as well, and some real nutters …


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