“Growing out” of your NEW clothes

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Dear Reader,

Took a brief jaunt down with the wife yesterday evening to purchase some items, one of which being workout vests for yours truly.

I’ve got several already – – but they’ve taken a hammering (no surprises eh!?) so I figured it was time to buy some new ones.

So we walk into this little store where my wife has shopped before. The portly old gentleman running the store was not there – but his friendly (and even more portly) middle aged son was manning the guns.

“Can we have a couple of vests?” my wife asks.

“For you? Or him?”

“Him”, she replied, while I was on “silent mode” (as my wife likes to call it, hehe), taking in the surroundings.

He produced a few vests.

“What size do y’all need?”

“Ummmm … I’m not sure”, I responded. And given my current ongoing battle with OTC sizes, can you blame me?

“Can I try these first?” I asked, half asking my wife as well.

‘Twas no problem, responded the super portly (and friendly as well, btw) guy.

“I’ll try a M size”, I ventured cautiously.

And so I did. I tried it – – and it seemed to fit ok. A tad bit loose around the waist, but certainly not “tent” material as I’ve encountered and written about before.

Now, here’s the kicker.

Bear in mind I was wearing a T-shirt when I tried this vest.

A workout vest – – supposedly a “slim fit” workout vest – – and yet – – a “M” size vest feels loose — when tried on ON TOP of a T-shirt!

Jesus God, I say. What do I need to shop for next? A “S”?????

Anyhow, looking at the general state of fitness around here in this neck of the woods, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the clothing manufacturers tailor their sizes to gigantic beached whales as opposed to fit human beings.

The guy that was serving us in the store was likely no more than 35 if even that, and yet he’s packing on so much flab (especially around the chest and core) that it seems his diet for one day would be enough to support a starving family for a week or more.

Anyhow, why am I telling you all this?

Not just to “tom tom” my new “snazzy red” vests, hehe, but also to tell you that the vast majority of folks globally face the opposite problem of what I face – – and you’re probably fully cognizant of what I’m saying.

How many times have you put a few extra lbs – – “laughed it off” as nothing – – and then made the trek down to the store to get new clothing?

Clothing which (not) surprisingly enough becomes tight in all  the wrong places a month or so after your purchase …

And I know how it feels, my friend. I know exactly how it feels.

Many moons ago I was in the same boat. I’d be buying clothes regularly, and constantly “grow out” of them – – and NOT in a good way either.

I tried everything I knew.

I walked. I tried to “cut back on calories consumed”. I tried jogging. I tried swimming (yes, you read that right – I swam and yet didn’t lose a lot of weight).

In short – I tried darn near everything – – and nothing, I repeat, nothing worked as well until I found that magic base building combo I’m currently on.

Does this mean all of the above is worthless?

Not at all – – they all help, but the point is that I never had a base built before I attempted to build that fitness skyscraper, my friend.

And to be quite frank, there is NO workout regimen out there that can match the 0 Excuses Fitness System in terms of building a solid base.

It may take time. It WILL take sweat, blood and tears. And it WILL leave you with NO excuses – but guess what else?

Once you start building that base, you’ll see results almost instantly. You’ll be reporting oodles of flab flying off at record speed – – pudge replaced by sleek, hard MUSCLE.

You’ll be feeling a heck of a lot better. You’ll be sleeping better. You’ll be processing and assimilating what you eat a LOT better – – and the icing on the cake?

Well –  it is this – – do what is mentioned HERE in THIS course – – and you’ll literally also be able to eat more – and weigh less – and see results within hours.

That’s right. Within hours as opposed to days or even one day.

And I should know, my friend.

I should know.

I’ve been there – done that – and am reaping the rewards every single day.

I cordially invite YOU to join me as well, my friend. Make that decision NOW – – and reap the rewards for your whole LIFE.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is what Alan Murray, a regional admin involved in ESL in China had to say about 0 Excuses Fitness – –

I first met Rahul in 2016 and he nearly squashed my hand in his grip. We got to talking about fitness and he suggested fingertip push-ups to try to mitigate some chronic pain I’d had in my hands by building up the tendons in my forearms. I started off very gently and over time it’s worked like a charm. My next goal is to improve my general fitness by exercising my abdomen and legs using the methods Rahul describes here. Off to a good start!

Alan Murray, Regional Administrator – Balboa International Education (U.S/China)

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