Little Shristi does Bourne sprints

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Dear Reader,

I’ve been doing the duties as of late – picking up and dropping off my daughter from basketball class being one of them – something I enjoy immensely.

I’ve written before about child obesity etc – – and this alarming trend shows NO signs of reversal (if anything it continues on an upward trend, unabated and unstopped) – – and classes such as this that encourage physical activity in young kids are always welcome.

We enrolled our daughter in it last year – at the age of 4 – and she’s still in it (fast approaching the age of 5 at this point).

Anyway, one of the things the instructor has these kiddies do towards the end of the class is this – he lines ’em ALL up – and has ’em RACE back and forth the court.

This is easier for some of the kids than the others – but not because of the race itself. It’s because some of the kids are a lot older – apparently the laziness syndrome is so deep rooted here that they can’t find enough kids to have a “same age group” class and therefore 8 or 9 year olds end up racing with 4 year olds.

I’ve observed my daughter run these before – and while she did a pretty good job, something was missing.

Perhaps it was that “extra oomph” she neglected to add – or perhaps her heart wasn’t quite in it – or perhaps it was just an extra hot day, but upon watching her the other day, I just KNEW she could do better.

That night, I spoke to her about running fast – and sprints in general, including quadruped sprints that I’ve spoken of so often and so highly.

She listened attentively.

“Ok, Papa. Will do!”

But the running didn’t improve much in the next class, for whatever reason.

Now note that I’m NOT expecting her to outrace kids far older than her. Not at all. All I want is for her to experience the sheer HIGH and elation that you get from doing sprints correctly and so this afternoon after sending you that initial email I sat her down briefly in front of the ‘puter.

And we switched on the Bourne Supremacy – and my daughter saw ’em done.

She saw what I call the Bourne sprints – and what I do on a regular basis – and combined with the music playing, it took about 2 minutes before she jumped straight off my lap and onto the floor.

“Papa! Let’s race!”

And off she was – in a flash – before I could say “OK!”

She must have run about 10 or sprints up and down the hallway – each one faster than the other. The only thing missing initially was her pumping her arms up and down – – and I rectified that soon enough.

And there she was, off again – – sprinting in full flow – – and boy oh boy I don’t know what she’ll do in class today – – but I bet it’ll be GOOD!

More than that, this gave even her a good workout. If an energetic 4 – 5 year old can break out in a full sweat from doing these – – just  imagine what doing even ONE of these (or trying to) will accomplish for the average adult tub of blubber out there.

We finished off with some bear crawl races – – and now it’s time for a shower (for my daughter).

Oh, her water pistol as well, lest I forget, and be reprimanded, hehe.

So thats the update tonight from 0 Excuses HQ. Moral of the story – – well  – – I don’t think I need to spell it out, do I?!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My course Advanced Hill Training (which can be done just as well on flat land) will give you PLENTY more such “Bourne sprint” routines – and those are just the beginning. Dive in right here, and watch the fat literally FLY off your body quicker than a 4 year old sprinting in full flow – –

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