2 foot thick layer of fat … or more …

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Dear Reader,

Just saw a meme on Facebook which stated the following – if you have a 2 foot thick layer of fat on your body, it would stop a 9 MM bullet from reaching your internal organs.

Right next to this foolishness were pictures of beached whales and lardasses proudly displaying their obesity to the world (along with pics of them “eating and drinking it up without a care in the world”) in a “so what? I don’t care sort of manner!”

This was apparently some sort of nonsense linked to “being comfortable with who you are and being comfortable in your body” – and while the meme in itself was likely meant as a joke, what is sad is that though these folks state they don’t care, deep down inside they DO.

They DO care – and their internal organs care as well. All that visceral and subcutaneous fat on the body is preventing them organs from doing their job as they should and that’s never a good thing, my friend.

Anyway, what’s REAL sad is this – modern day society makes it a point to molly coddle, sissify, and even “glorify” being fat, lazy and out of shape.

It starts with the excuses.

“I’m too busy”

“I don’t have a workout partner”

“The gym’s closed!”

“I fought with my wife. I don’t feel good! Wah!”

And so forth.

This then extends to businesses and clothing chains bending over backwards to do exactly what they should NOT i.e. design clothing such that even “normal” sizes are meant for tubs of lard as opposed to fit people.

And then of course you have the “Plus Size” stores which literally begs people to stay lazy.

“No problem if you’ve got about 5 – or 10 – or even 15 feet of lard dripping off ya. We’ve got something for you!”

Now if the above sounds uncaring and “too direct”, well – here is what I have to say about that – it’s TRUE.

Not only that, the vast majority of said tubs of lard need a firm kick up the bootocks as opposed to “sympathy and understanding” (mollycoddling).

What the average tub of lard REALLY needs is a firm cane to the posterior and a good dose of 0 Excuses Fitness daily – – with NO excuses allowed – – and that, my friends, is the bottom line as well as my $.02 on the matter.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I just got done with a brief mini-workout which made me feel great. ‘Twas a punching bag routine I’ve used in the past, and I did it today before breakfast, and I feel great now.

Absolutely great, and even better after I polished off a tub of mango for breakfast shortly thereafter, hehe.

Not only that – – I’m looking forward big time to my evening workout, which will be reverse pushups, sprints, and pull-ups — a VARIETY of different pull-ups as I’ve outlined in my course here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/

Just going through ONE cycle of said workouts would kick the average trainee in the  can, and I’m NOT exaggerating – – and when you get to a point where you can actually cycle through the routines as I’ve mentioned?

Well – watch out. You’ll have nary a sliver of fat on your body at that point – – but you WILL have those guns you’ve always wanted – and craved – and those guns will actually FIRE as opposed to the “show guns” most boobybuilders and modern day gym goers sport.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I be offfff for a shower now. Back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Reverse pushups are one of the BEST – as well as most underrated exercises you can do – and most folks ain’t got a clue as to how to start out with these. Not to worry – I’ve put out something that tell you exactly how to perform reverse pushups – – as well as ALL the variations there are — and it’s available right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/pushups-reverse-pushups-the-best-darn-exercise/

P.S. #2 – If you’re fat, you’re FAT, my friend. There ain’t no two ways about it. There’s no “I’m a big guy”, or “I used to be a wrestler in high school”, or related excuses. I don’t care what you “did in the past” or what you “used to be” – in the “here and now”, Tub of lard equals tub of lard, and thats bottom line #2. What you CAN do is do something about it – – and do something TODAY about it – – and the first step is by investing in the “anti-lard” Fitness System right here – –http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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