Do you need grippers?

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Dear Reader,

Had the most interesting experience last night as I was sitting with my daughter at the end of a long, ardous and somewhat frustrating day.

After I got done tackling the issues I was (one of which is quite prominently placed on our Twitter account, if just for the brazen and callous nature with which the issue was initially handled), I “switched off”, and it was “father – daughter” time again.

I think it started out with her building a fort out of blankets on the bed – and me “squishing” it-  – and then from nowhere she produced a pair of grippers.

“Huh?? Barbara where did you get that?”, I asked.

And then I remembered. It was a pair of grippers I bought a long, long time ago back in the day – way, way before I did any 0 Excuses stuff or even put out the initial Gorilla Grip.

Did it work? To an extent, but …

“Daddy, what do you do with this?”

“Sweetie, you use it for your grip. Here, let me show you how”

And I proceeded to crank out a few reps with the admittedly “easy” gripper – which of course is anything but easy for a four year old, but trying telling that to MY 4 year old!

“I can’t grip it like this Daddy!” she squealed, as her tiny little palm attempted to “crush” the gripper – – along with the ever present “Gorillllllaaaaa grip” shriek …

“But I can do it like this”

And then she improvised on the spot and proceeded to close it so that it was making a “V” against her little chest – – and managed it more than a few times as well, hehe.

“Gorillaaaaaaaaa Gripp ……” was the war cry that went around the room later, but what is the reason for me mentioning this?

Well, first off, because I’ve always been interested in grip training, and of course, gyms and grippers were the things that I found on the Internet when I first started looking for info on grip training – – info that actually WORKED.

And while gyms have always been a no-no for me for obvious reasons, did the grippers I bought “work”?

Well – yes – and no.

Yes because I did seem to get degree of grip work out of the grippers, but no – because they did NOT strengthen my grip any more than they already were from doing what I was at the time.

My grip strength truly only skyrocketed – – and did so to SCARY levels once I started to implement what I teach in my grip courses (Gorilla Grip, and Gorilla Grip – Advanced) but all the grippers I used, and reps I did with ’em didn’t really build my grip to the levels I’ve always wanted to build it to.

One of the keys, of course was to use THICK bars – something I mention repeatedly in all my courses.

When you train, do so with thick bars. I don’t care if you’re lifting weights, or hoicking kettebells, or doing 0 Excuses Fitness pull-ups – – do so with THICK bars, and grip that sucka like your life depended upon it.

This ONE tip alone is worth it’s weight in gold, and it’s amazing how many people read it – – but then blithely go about ignoring it.

Other tips are mentioned in the grip course – – and if you’re interested, well, here is where you can pick up a copy of course #1 (one that’s gotten rave reviews all over the world) – –

Last, but not least, are grippers absolutely useless?

No – certainly not – like everything else they’ve got their uses – but are they REQUIRED?

Heck no they ain’t. You can build a cast iron gorilla grip WITHOUT anything but your own body – – and if you still don’t believe me, well, ask my four year old, hehe.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Plenty more interesting stuff is available right HERE – –

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