The importance of a daily MORNING routine

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Dear Reader,

Something that my wife and me have been trying to impress upon our four (soon to be 5) year old daughter is this – – create a morning ROUTINE.

Right now she’s on summer break, and there appears to be no routine whatsoever, which of course is NOT good for her.

She wakes up in the morning, and is free all day – with nothing to do – which isn’t a bad thing, but creating a routine even in “holiday times” is always a good thing.

And certain basic things should be incorporated into all routines – – holidays, travel, or otherwise.

So for my daughter it might look like – – “wake up, drink water (something I’ve been trying to get her to do) – and a LOT of it, brush teeth, take shower, etc etc”.

What occurs after that may or may not change depending upon whether she’s got school or not, but you get the drift.

For the typical adult, it might look like this – “wake up, check smartphone, drink bazillions of coffee to “wake up”, slumber on to the shower, turn on the “boob tube”, gobble down an extra large breakfast and feel even more lethargic after that … and so forth …”

But this isn’t so much about WHAT the routine incorporates – as it is the importance of having one itself.

Show me any successful person, and I’ll show you something that they did everyday – so regularly that the routine became a HABIT – a habit very hard to break indeed.

When I basically “uprooted” my  life in China and moved on to India, I had to change many of my own routines – and believe me, though the change was for the BETTER, it wasn’t easy at all.

Oh no it wasn’t – – and the toughest of all this was eating before a workout. I’ve always gotten my workouts done on an empty stomach, but I’m reversing that trend now – -and am doing just as well.

Why – well, there are time constraints and reasons behind that – – and I’m not getting into the why’s in this email, but point being – – it’s important to have a daily routine – – and especially a morning routine.

Having allows you to jump out of bed with a clear “purpose” or “goal” – – and your day starts to flow from there on in.

This doesn’t mean your day needs to be “rigidly” structured, of course. There’s nothing wrong with living in the flow occasionally – or most of the time for that  matter.

This DOES however mean though that are certain things that you do EVERYDAY – at the SAME time – and you do ’em WITHOUT fail – thereby putting yourself on the path to a better YOU.

And in terms of fitness, this means that you have a fitness routine  you follow EVERYDAY – without fail.

You  might go light one day, and heavy the other day – but you do something daily.

You might require an occasional break from 0 Excuses Fitness – and move on to Advanced Hill Training, for instance, but you don’t let go of the exercise routine itself – you just do something else.

You might move your workout from the early afternoon to the evenings (yours truly) – but you don’t skip it. And so forth.

I know for a fact I personally feel a heck of a lot better when I set and follow my morning routines – – as well as DAILY routines — and so will you if you do what I’m saying.

So that’s today’s tip. I’ll be back again later! In the meantime, don’t forget to pound out your pushups, pull-ups and squats — all done fast and furious, 0 Excuses style!



P.S. – Almost forgot to wish all the Father’s out there a very happy Father’s day, hehe. And for those of you that have forgotten to grab your Father’s day gifts – – well – – here is where you can go to give the old man a surprise —


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