Another nail in the “LSD” cardio coffin

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Dear Reader,

I just got done with a cracker of a workout. Oh boy – – WHAT a workout this was!

I didn’t step foot outside for this workout. I did not do any pull-ups or sprints (not bipedal ones, at any rate). No, this was a living room workout EL SUPREMO – – much like the 250 pushup workout I show in 0 Excuses Fitness, except with a few major twists here and there.

And while you might be thinking the next thing I’m gonna write about it WHAT I did – not really.

That’s important – but whats more important is how I felt both DURING – – and AFTER the workout!

I feel like a billion bucks right now. It’s bout 8:00 P.M. here in Delhi – – a time where “happy hour” and “commiseration time” starts for the vast majority of folks, and yet, here I am, after a 25 minute blast that’s left me feeling so invigorated that I’m wondering if I suddenly stepped into a different time zone altogether.

My workout was of the same cadence as I mention in 0 Excuses Fitness and all my  other courses, and though I’ve been doing this stuff for ages, it’s different EVERY time, my friend.

I was literally DRIPPING with sweat within around 9-10 minutes or so — and my workout vest right now is “soiling” the laundry – – puddles of sweat dripping from it AFTER my routine.

And get this – this was during the late evening – – when its a lot, lot cooler than during the day — and indoors as well!

Best part is this – – I could have gotten done in 9 minutes or so if I wanted – – but I went longer, because I wanted to – – and COULD.

Despite the obvious heart pounding, health inducing benefits of such workouts, the myths of “long ardous workouts” persists galore.

Personal trainers out there for the most part STILL have their clients get on the treadmill or “pound the pavement” for hours to “get their heart rates in the target zone; which is supposedly 70% of your max and keep it there”.

Guess what – I did this type of thing myself back in the day – and though I did burn a few cals while at it, this type of workout left me with the exact  OPPOSITE kind of feeling that I’m experiencing now.

I felt run down and depleted at the end of a hour long “slow-moderate pace” run – – and that was including warm-ups and other nonsense. Ah, how I wish I knew how to train the way I do today – – I’d have saved a LOT of time!

Good news tho is this – – more people are catching on to the “quick’n’ intense” workout benefits – and jumping on to the bandwagon.

My buddy Marc who I mentioned a couple of days ago, a man with the build of a male African silverback gorilla and the punch of a charging rhinoceros did something similar a while ago.

He’s an avid weightlifter and does those long sessions at the gym – -but he did a 20 min “quickie” spinning workout yesterday morning, and he felt GREAT and ready to go after the short workout.

“I feel great! I’m exhausted though – I need to push myself more – I don’t remember feeling this physically exhausted for a while – – but – – I still feel GREAT!” were his very words as he was heading out to lunch.

So true, my friend. So true.

And while there are plenty of ways you can get in such workouts – – a few of note being splitting wood (another great one), hitting the heavy bag (super), or even “spinning” – the fact remains that 0 Excuses Fitness has the ONE up on all of them and guess why?

Because you require nothing for it except your own body.

You don’t need no wood to chop. You don’t need no rigs to spin on. You don’t need a heavy bag either – – although I greatly recommend investing in one if you so choose – – the benefits are manifold.

Just you, your own body – – and ball busters of workouts that leave you dripping with sweat in less than 10 minutes flat – – and that have you burning oodles of fat for HOURS later.

A no brainer, me thinks!

Ok, I’m off for now. I’ll be back again tomorrow!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In case you’ve been following our Twitter account, you’ve probably seen the “ongoing battle” with the phone company. It still hasn’t been resolved. It boggles the mind how companies can provide such poor service in this day and age! Ah well …

P.S #2 – – Yet another great and MUST grab tool in your fat blasting arsenal is right HERE – –

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