Dead hang pull-ups

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Dear Reader,

A lot of you probably remember my early morning workouts when I first moved to India about a month or so ago (yeah, seems like forever now, doesn’t it??).

You likely also remember the guys coming up to me asking for advice on pull-ups and as I said, I DID help those who were genuinely trying (though sorry – that select group doesn’t include the preeners and posers).

One of the guys in fairly good shape, a badminton player, was watching me and trying to do what I was doing at that time i.e. do sets of 8  pull-ups (strict, proper form, all the way up, all the way down).

He tried several times, but failed, and I gave him a few tips.

The first one was to grip the bar – – not just with his fingers, but the thumb as well. This alone is a mind bender for most folks as we’ve been taught to do pull-ups “hanging on with our fingers” alone as opposed to gripping the bar the way you SHOULD.

Uh … yeah. RIGHT … NOT!

“This feels way, way tougher!” he remarked after doing what I was telling him to do.

“It does, doesn’t it?”, I said. “OK, now let’s have you do pull-ups the RIGHT way as opposed to what you’re doing”.

“Go all the way down, dead hang, and PAUSE – and THEN go up”.

And I proceeded to rattle off some more instructions – – stuff that’s been meticulously covered in my bestselling “Pull-ups – -from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS” – – and he attempted to do what I was saying.

(Note – a lot of what I cover in this BEGINNER level course has been reported to knock serious gym goers on their arses the first time they try it, so it’s well worth a read – or several, for that matter).

Not surprisingly, he failed, but the good news is this – – he TRIED. That’s way more than I can say for the vast majority of people who come to me for help – – and then run away once I give ’em the skinny and the REAL deal on how to do pull-ups.

“They’re damn tough this way”, he remarked”. “Oh yeah, they are!”

And they sure are my friend – but THIS way is what will enable you to ultimately get better at pull-ups – – and develop that lat spread you’ve always wanted.

And lest you think pull-ups stop getting “tougher” after a certain point – – well – – think AGAIN.

I put myself through a patented “Pull-ups – – from STUD to SUPER stud” workout last evening – – and believe you me, I’m FEELING it today.

Oh YEAH – I’m feeling it – it’s that “worked to the bone” feeling you get after a great, great workout the night before. I’ve posted about that on our Twitter account as well, but it bears mentioning here as well.

While the dead hang pull-ups formed the CORE of the routine, there were several other variations I used – – one of them being what I affectionately call the “swami” pull-up – – or perhaps the “Baba” pull-up, hehe, given that I’m in India at this point.

Yet another exercise I did taxed my entire core and upper body with ONE rep – and even holding on beyond that first rep can turn out to be a struggle if done correctly!

All of these movements I did are detailed in the course – – which you can get right HERE – –

Dive in — and report back on your workouts!

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. I’m off to partake of some home cooking in a bit – -will be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Our Twitter and Instagram handles are as follows – – @0xcusesfitness and @0excusesfitness. Both great great accounts to follow – – I post interesting stuff on a regular basis, so stay tuned!

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