The “10/10″*2 workout

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Dear Reader,

Today I’m gonna share an oldie but goodie with you – a workout system that reaps immense benefits if just for it’s simplicity – and is probably also oft ignored simply due to it’s very simplicity.

What is this?

Well, it’s the (10/10) * 5 System – – and I just got done with a cracker of a workout using THIS very system.

The laws of BODMAS (do you remember those? hehe) would state that the result of such a “workout” would be 5 (divide, multiply) – and funnily enough that is what the workout actually boils down to. Five giant sets, done in multiple sets of medium high to low reps (depending upon).

You can switch the numbers around on this as well. For instance, my actual workout today was (10*15) * 5- because I did more dips per set than pull-ups but as a general rule, what I stated above works great for most people – and is usually too hard for a lot of folks to handle anyway.

The only catch to this system is this – you do HARD exercises – and hard here means what’s tough for you.

So while pull-ups are easy enough for me (the regular pull-ups), they might be extremely hard – or almost impossible to do for some folks.

(Note – My book on pull-ups is a must read if you fall into the above category and it’s available right here – – )

So you do the  ( 10/10 ) *5  workout – meaning 10 pull-ups, 10 dips, and then repeat until you have 5 sets of each.

Mix in warm ups, and other goodies I mention in “Pull-ups- – from Stud to Super STUD within weeks” such as monkey bar swings (a great, great workout unto itself), hamstring stretches, Hindu Squats, or perhaps just pushups as well.

Keep the tempo of the workout QUICK. Move quickly from one set to the other. Don’t dwadle – and don’t stop to smell the roses either.

You’ll find this gives you a CRACKER of a workout if done correctly – and the good part is this – the “abbreviated” nature of the routine means you can impart max effort into each set.

So if dips are hard for you, for instance, then it’s better to do 50 dips in 5 sets of rather than attempting to do all 50 at once.

The latter is Ok as well if you’re doing stuff that’s EASY for you – but we’re talking hard stuff here.

Hard exercises – exercises that make you SWEAT, HURT – and stuff that brings results – real, TANGIBLE results such as what I wrote about this morning.

Anyway, I finished this off with a sprint done at 80% capacity and some work on the heavy bag, and as always, I feel GREAT.

I’m off for the evening now (well, assuming the server doesnt barf again – it’s been acting up for a while now – so if you’re encountering issues while browsing, purchasing etc – let me know and I’ll have it looked into pronto) – – and I’ll be back again later!

Until then – thanks for reading – and if you workout today – make it a great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Many more such workouts are mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. If you haven’t already, grab your copy right HERE.

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