A kick to the ‘nads – and setting a GREAT example!

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Dear Reader,

Well, first off, before we start today’s email, in case you’re amongst the (somewhat substantial, to be sure) group of folks that have noticed our site slowing down INTERMINABLY – – and things not quite working as they should – – well – – rest assured – – you ain’t alone by a long darn shot.

If there is ONE thing I’ve been working on a lot over the past few days it’s on a lot of back and forth communication with the server guys, and getting things working as they should.

This process is apparently a slow one (though it shouldn’t be), but the “geeks in charge” claim they’ll get it fixed within a couple of more days max. Apparently we’ll also be moving to a new server, and access speeds etc should improve dramatically after that.

Your patience in the interim is much appreciated tho – – and if you’ve been encountering glitches/timeouts with downloadable products you’ve paid for, then let me know and I’ll have that looked into as well.

No speed issues as well though in terms of what I’m about to tell you tho. Hold on to yer horses, here we go …

… POW!

I woke up last night, and my bellow must have been loud enough to raise the dead. Musta woken up the neighbors at any rate, and you know why, don’t you?

Unless you’re one of those “chi” guys – -or guys that claim to be able to touch another person with one finger and literally “punch” him across the room with one finger – – or those guys that claim to be able to take multiple shots to the nether regions with nary a flinch – – and chances are you’re NOT – – you’d have much the same reaction as I did.

I think it must have been around 4 or so, and I got back to sleep – – only to be awakened an hour or so later, this time by a sharp prod to the posterior regions.


Now, before you start assuming, NO, I haven’t taken to cohabitating with a dominatrix – – or a ball bus “trix”. Although there is (from what I understand) a lot of demand for these fine, fine ladies, I’m as of now NOT on the list of potential clients, especially NOT the ball kicking list, hehe.

Not the “arm stretching” list either if you get my drift, but back on topic …

Nah – it was my four and a half year daughter delivering said kicks, albeit  unknowingly in her sleep.


Well, she has this curious and incredibly cute habit of sitting up in the middle of the night, stretching her legs out, and continuing to sleep in that position.

Sometimes she’s thirsty – – but sometimes she just sits up like that for a while before I take her back in my arms and gently lay her down again – – again, an incredibly cute and unique experience that cannot be duplicated except for the “real deal” if you get my drift.

Sort of like an “I”, with my wife forming the top line and me the bottom, and hence I get the kicks, and she gets the head resting on her tummy, haha,.

Anyway, you’d think that those kicks, coming from a 4.5 year old would not be that painful, right?

Well, maybe, if we’re talking the average four and a half year old.

But remember we ain’t talking average here. We’re talking little Rahul here, a little Rahul that has literally “aped” Papa (and Mommy, on the one occasion she did it) and has taken to kicking the heavy bag at our home with vim, vigor and GUSTO – – kinda like a teeny weeny pro kick boxer, hehe.

Y’all on this list know that we got a heavy bag installed in our living room (yes, where else?!) a few weeks ago upon my return to India.

Curiously enough my wife was the one that wanted it, apparently to practice her kicks (I can’t kick you when I’m pissed, so I might as well kick the bag was her logic)  – – but what ended up happening of course was she used it a grand total of ONE time since she’s got it.

Not to worry – I’ve been getting in some super workouts on it ever since I’ve gotten back – – although the 0 Excuses Fitness System doesn’t require a heavy bag, it is indeed a great way to workout – – either regularly, or once in a while for a change.

And here is where setting a good example comes in.

Before purchasing this bag we told our daughter to “practice” on this bag many times. We told her it was good for her. We told her it was good for her health. That she’s get extra treats for doing it regularly. That Mickey and Minnie do it. And so forth …

And yet, none of it really had an impact until she started see me punch that darn thing with gusto on a damn near daily basis – – and get a few well aimed kicks in as well while doing so.

And not a day passes by without my little girl stopping to aim more than a few kicks at a heavy bag that outweighs her by about a thousand kilos (not really but you get my drift). In fact we were eating lunch a while back and she ended up pausing to kick the bag in the middle of her lunch.

Dedication, eh?

Compare that to the modern slothful four or five year old who does nothing but stuff his or her gullet full of chocolate, chips, soda, and other unhealthy stuff galore – – and does hardly ANY exercise whatsoever.

Difference is this – my little girl watches her Dad workout on a daily basis, and do so with no excuses.

She does handstands  not because she was told to, but because Daddy does ‘em on a daily basis, and so she wants to as well. Ditto for pull-ups in the park, which she does on the swing set, but I’ve got no doubt she’ll be graduating to the monkey bars shortly as well.

(BTW Handstands, and handstands pushups are one of the very best things YOU as an adult can do for yourself – – and my bestselling course here will get you pounding ’em out in no time – – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/)

And an unfettered kick to the nads from a kid like that? Well, let me just say you’ll FEEL it, my friend, hehe, and that’s being kind!

So that’s today’s tip. If you’re a sloth bear that prefers to laze around in the front of the Tee Vee with your idea of a balanced diet being a cold one in each hand, well, don’t be surprised if your kids end up turning into miniature sloth bears as well.

If you’re the kind that loves to make excuses, well, don’t be surprised if …

And so forth.

Set a good example – – not just for your kids – – but for everyone you come into contact with, my friend.

It’s what I aim to do through this daily newsletter, and it’s sure as heck the right thing to do.

Inspire and motivate rather than be a drain. Be the person that picks others up when they’re down. Make sure you “lead by example” in every activity you partake of. And so forth.

It will stand you in good stead – – that I DO promise!

Alright, my friend, that’s it for now. I’m out for now to observe an “experiment” my daughter is engaging in as part of her summer holiday HW, and I better pay close attention or else, hehe.

See you tomorrow – – and if you work out today – – make it the best ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – With regard to the heavy bag, remember that those intense workouts I partake of that I’ve written about before are NOT for beginners. You first need to get good at the basic stuff – – which includes pushups, squats, and other exercises that have taken bazillions from “lard lump” to “super fit” status – – right there in their living rooms. Find out more about this wondrous exercise program right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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