“Can you do ’em like that Uncle is?”

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Dear Reader,

I was going through my routine this evening at the park when I heard a small voice (not unlike that of my daughter) pipe up behind me.

“Can you do that, Papa?”

“Um, I don’t know, dear. Maybe I can … ” responded the guy it was addressed to – likely her Dad, but I’m not sure.

“Just like that Uncle. Can you do them like that Uncle is?” she said, and though my back was towards her, I knew who she was referring to, of course.

Now lest you get confused, Indian kids in general seem to have this habit of calling adult males / females “Uncle / Auntie”. Why this is done I’ve got NO  idea – probably yet another cultural relic of the British “Raj”, but whatever it is, can be kinda cute at times – especially when 40 year old refer to 70 year old as “Auntie” as well!

Anyway, the whole scene reminded me of my daughter – she was likely 4 as well, but that is where the resemblance stopped in terms of the situation.

The little girl attempted to climb the monkey bars, but the Mom reprimanded her.

“Wait, darling. Let him (me) finish first. You’ll get hurt”.

Once I was done, the father clambered on to the bars. Now this guy had a massive broad chest – which is good, of course, but “rounded” shoulders, and a huge ponderous belly to boot as well (as well as a backside starting to hang down to his ankles if you get my drift).

In short, the typical gym goer that focuses on pumping and toning the pecs – and the utterly useless exercise known as the bench press to the exclusion of just about everything else.

He grabbed a rung , and spoke.

“Papa’s fingers are slipping, baby. It’s too hard!”

Hehe. No surprises there, and as I resumed my workout, my thoughts shifted to pull-ups, and the folks that can’t do ’em regardless of what they do in the gym.

Is it any wonder that they can’t do pull-ups – when they fail- and fail miserably at that at one of the BASIC building blocks, those being the monkey bars?

Worse, they consciously choose to ignore this exercise as “kiddie stuff” – and I’ve seen this when personally training people as well.

Big big mistake, and yet – no skin off my back at the same time. I can but lead that horse to water – I can’t make it drink!

Look, monkey bars, and workouts done on them are one of the MAIN KEYS to even starting to do pull-ups the right way – let alone pound out rep after rep effortlessly.

Believe me now and trust me later, this ONE key alone will have even advanced trainees getting their pull-up numbers to shoot through the roof if they do it right.

This, and other such tips are mentioned in my bestselling “beginner” course on pull-ups (which BTW has enough to keep you occupied for a long, long time) – and you can grab it right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/.

Anyway, I got a great one in. Sprinted back to the park to pick up my daughter from basketball class, and lo and behold, saw the wife coming in from the opposite end of said park to to the same.

“Let’s lace up my shoes”, was her response. “Lets go for a run!”

And we did that, and as we did that the heavens opened up – and it poured like it’s never poured here before.

We could have run on indoors, but chose to stay outside getting drenched. My daughter had a ball jumping in the puddles, and she’s snacking on cornflakes right about now.

This sort of thing is what I mean by living life in the flow, my friend. Just let life unfold. Do what strikes you as good on the spur of the moment – and do so like a young kid – fully immersed and with nary a reservation either.

Incorporate this sort of attitude into your workouts as well – along with a modicum of planning and common sense – and you’ll be NIGH amazed at the results you achieve!

Ok – that’s it for now. I’m out – and if you work out today – make a it a super, super one!



P.S. – I speak on the site about how I went from 120 – 60 kgs on my program, and that’s NOT an exaggeration, my friend. Its not – and what is more, those results are possible for YOU too – if you choose to “get on the stick” and do what is required without ANY delay. Note that I only want DOERS investing in my program. No lookie lous and excuse makers please. It’s a select bunch of individuals indeed, and you can join us right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S #2 – Still not convinced? Still think the average gym gorilla can bang out reps of what I do on a regular basis? Well, take any one of said gorillas and get him working on a good monkey bar session. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and a pig’s ass rolled into ONE if he can even get past rep #1 of some of what I do, let alone an entire workout …


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