Embrace a new YOU!

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Dear Reader,

I’ve been dealing with some crap as of the last day or so – things that annoy me.

Things that get me down – but things that most importantly, I HATE.

Funnily enough, other than those three things, everything has been great since Thursday (remember THAT day?). I’ve been progressing along the path to my current goals – I’ve been getting great workouts in – and things have generally just been falling into place – except for said occurences above.

Yours truly (as readers of this email list know) is HUGE on visualizing and feeling good as opposed to just “thinking” positive (which IMO hardly ever works without the correct emotions attached to it).

But I’m human as well, and last night was a time that a lot of negative emotions somehow bubbled to the surface, and I was “struggling” to deal with them.

“How can this happen?” “I’m the guy that’s feeling good – and good things are happening, and yet …”

Well, this morning I woke up – feeling great as usual, and investigated the root cause of WHY I was feeling down.

Turns out it’s actually good those bad things happened – because a) I could acknowledge that they did happen – and work upon dissipating those negative emotions rather than letting them swirl around in my sub conscious – and b) because doing what I just said put me on the path to yet another new goal – something that excites me tremendously!

I’m not going to divulge what that goal is just as yet – but rest assured I will when the time comes.

In the meantime, and in a nutshell – the reason I’m writing to you about this is this – sometimes bad things (or undesirable outcomes) occur to us DESPITE us feeling good – and positive – and doing all the right things.

It’s easy to question one’s faith in the Universe at such times. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

But the bottom line is this, my friend – the Universe is looking out for you – and it’s giving you what you really WANT!

Undesirable occurences, annoyances, and other “life issues” are but mere stepping stones to what will ultimately be the NEW YOU – and this belief is KEY to accomplishing (or manifesting, as some like to say) whatever goal it is that you aspire to achieve.

Take it all in stride, as it were.

Dr. Maltz wrote about how a missile “zigs and zags” before it gets to it’s ultimate target in his bestselling Psycho Cybernetics book – a book I highly recommend you pick up (and no, I get nothing for promoting it).

Your mind, and the Universe connected to it works in the SAME manner, my friend. Those minor blips will occur – but so long as the goal is clear, you’ll end up using those blips as stepping stones to greater achievement –  as I did this morning.

Ok, so what does this mean in terms of fitness?

Well, let’s say you’re about 50 kgs overweight, and looking “longingly” at all the slim fit jeans at the store you could never fit into right now.

Let’s say you’ve just watched a movie – where the actors have chiseled bods – bods that you WANT – but don’t have as of now, and can’t even “dream” of having at this point?

Believe me, I’ve been there, my friend. I know how it feels – and yet, all this is a sign from the Universe that you CAN have what it is you want in terms of fitness.

If you couldn’t – you wouldn’t be coming into contact with your “ideal” shape – it’s just that simple!

Belief when translated into solid action can produce astounding results, my friend – and yours truly is living proof.

That’s what is great about the 0 Excuses Fitness System. As you progress along to higher reps, and better performances in the exercises, you not only train the muscles and body – you train the internal systems of the body as well – the most important of which being your MIND.

Yes, these exercises make you CALM – in a way you’ve never imagined possible before. If you don’t believe me, crank out 50 reps of the best darn exercise ever, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

OK, so that’s the motivation for today. Have a great Sunday — and if you work out today — make it a great, great one!



P.S. – I’m off to take my daughter off for a haircut (well, trim, to be exact) – – but before I go, here is a little pearl of wisdom for you – courtesy Dr. Maltz –

The word cybernetics comes from a Greek term that means ‘a helmsman who steers his ship to port.’ Psycho-Cybernetics is a term I coined which means, ‘Steering your mind to a productive, useful goal …. so you can reach the greatest port in the world … peace of mind. With it, you’re somebody. Without it, you’re nothing.

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