Be a WOLF – not a sheep

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Dear Reader,

I borrowed that line from one of my favorite movies – a Denzel Washington flick “Training Day”. If by any chance you haven’t seen it already (though I’m sure you’ve heard of it) – go ahead and see it – you will probably love it.

Training Day is essentially a movie about a corrupt to the core narcotics office r(a Detective) – and a rookie cop trying to enter the “hallowed” realms and become a “narc”.

What happens thereafter and the various shennanigans that take place are for you to watch, enjoy and critique (and thus forth) but there’s a line in the movie where Denzel sagely instructs his protege to “be a wolf, not a sheep!”

“To protect the sheep, you gotta become a wolf. Are you a wolf, dawg? Or are you a sheep?”

He then howls like a wolf and instructs his protege to do so as well.

Said protege does, and apparently doesnt do it too well on the first try.

“That’s not a wolf! That’s a rooster!” cackles the wily “Alonzo Harris” (Denzel’s character in the movie) “Give me a wolf, dog, a wolf!”

All in good fun – I enjoyed the movie – I’m sure you will too!

Anyway why am I telling you this?

This morning I posted something similar on my Instagram. The caption of the picture ran thus “Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”.

So true, my friend. So true – -and the only thing missing was to ask you, the reader, to howl like a wolf if just to agree, hehe.

Way too many people are influenced by what the masses – or what I like to term as the “sheeple” out there say, or do.

This is one prime reason the vast majority of people never end up following their dreams or true passion in life – or more accurately, never even start or try to do so.

“It’s  not going to work”. “You need something stable” “That idea won’t work! No-one’s does it before”

And thus forth, and the babel of “no’s” ends up drowning out all but the most determined of YES’s.

And if you’re on this list, and enjoy  our daily dispatches, YOU, my friend are likely part of the “most determined” gang – that is determined to do what they want regardless of what others think, say or opine.

And so it should be. Heck, no-one thought Henry Ford’s idea was a good one until he finally did it – and I don’t think anyone can argue with those results, can they?

No-one thought Edison would actually invent the light bulb after his 10000 or so failures – and after being put on the reject list at school – but he did, my friend. He also went on to invent many more things – although we associate the light bulb with Edison, the man has invented many a thing other than that as well.

Always remember that you’ll encounter nothing but negativity and naysayers for the most part when you first start to tackle a goal you want to blast through.

This is, in part, one of the reasons I rarely, if ever share my goals with anyone – family included.

More on that later, but fitness wise, rest assured that if you’re just jumping on to the 0 Excuses Fitness bandwagon after being tired and disappointed with the results you got at the gym, or from pounding the pavement galore, then you’ll get plenty of comments directed at you.

And most of them will NOT be complimentary.

“Heck, just pushups! How on earth can pushups constitute an entire workout!”

“500 squats! Everyone knows that one can’t build strength without weights – and more so, once you can do 10 reps of anything, you’re not getting any stronger once you progress past those 10 reps!”

And so forth. The sheep will bay loud and clear, but the wolves will be silent – and keep on doing their thing – and THEIR results, at the end are what will shine through.

I’ve mentioned the 120-60 kgs story here. I’ve mentioned how I do the exact opposite of what the “sh-experts” say, and still accomplish way better results than the average trainee.

And so can YOU – my friend – so can YOU – but only if you’re a WOLF.

That decision, as ole Alonzo would say, is yours to make.

YOU have to decide whether your a wolf – or a sheep”.

Sage indeed, and if you’re interested in being a wolf – and joining up with others that are wolves as well, well then get cracking on the very same thing your brethren do – and do on a regular basis right HERE – –

It’ll stand you in better stead than being a sheep – that is for sure!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Howl out – and do so LOUDLY about anything you so desire via our social media accounts – – Twitter (@0xcusesfitness) and Instagram (@0excusesfitness) would be great places to “follow” us. Remember though, no sheep allowed – you gotta be a WOLF – and a 0 Excuses one at that, hehe. . .

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