Can I fidget the lard lumps away?

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Dear Reader,

Many moons ago, yours truly was a skinny 19 year old in college in the Southern United States.

The many beers I’d gleefully down (ah, little did I know back then!) hadn’t quite caught up with me back then, and while I wasn’t quite a “clothes hanger” (as my mom was called by one of her husband’s friends when she got married), I was pretty darn skinny regardless.

Those were the days, of course. I’d be wearing jeans three times my size – why? Well, the “hipsta’s” did so I had to, of course …

Anyway, I was required for some reason or the other to go to a career counselor at some point during school.

Now, although my habits and way of thinking was way, way different back then than it is NOW – there was ONE thing that was the SAME – and that was that I did NOT want to work a full time job – EVER .

And if I did so, I didn’t want to work an 8-5 job.

Turns out that one of the best and most successful jobs that I’ve worked (which was in theory) a 9-6 job somehow “morphed into” exactly what I’ve mentioned above – – where I did most of my work from HOME – – but that’s another tale, and I’m not going to get into it in this email – – but you can, and should read about it right HERE – – .

That above book will work for those trying to make sales in any economy, btw, but back on track.

So I was sitting there in her office, fidgeting away nineteen to the dozen. Legs shaking furiously, arms constantly moving, and thus forth.

In walked the lady, a 40 something year old dame with (admittedly) more than a bit of extra flabbage on her, but she was attractive nonetheless.

We spoke briefly regarding careers, and then she made the comment.

“Do you exercise a lot?”

“Uh …. ”

I hadn’t really thought about it at that point.

“No, oh, ah … yes, I guess I do”

And I was about to rattle off the fact that I climbed seven flights of stairs to my dorm daily (and never took the elevator, so I could sneak in a few brews) and swam 50 laps in an Olympic sized pool just cos it was “fun” – plus walked all over campus between classes and work etc – but just as I was about to, she spoke.

“You fidget so much! Of course you’ll be skinny”

Huh?? Fidgeting to burn calories??? Now how dumb can THAT be?

If fidgeting and silly movements of that nature burned calories, all the general populace would have to do would be to plonk their bootocks down on their comfy (or not) office chairs all day and do what most do anyway – which is to fidget and clock watch for the majority of the day.

And if you thought THAT was silly, well, here’s what I saw on a Twitter account of an old boss of mine (a great guy by the way) –

“Don’t sit still. Fidget, stand and chew gum – such activities have been shown to help torch an extra 300 to 2000 calories per day”.

Apparently this came from a “NEAT” philosophy – which translates into “Non exercise activity thermogenesis (sp?)”

I was going to research this a bit more, but the entire statement is so ridiculous and retarded that a quick Google search was all I did, and I didn’t even click on the neat guy’s website.

In short – it’s yet another concept that panders to the lazy – and promotes exactly what it should NOT – i.e. the idea of sitting on a couch, doing nothing and losing weight.

Uggggggh. Ditto for all the tummy trimmers, “fat loss bands”, and all the other junkola out there – stuff that doesn’t work, and yet sells – and why? Because it panders to the “lazy amongst” us.

And as for bunny crunches, the LESS said the better. Ugh! If there was ever a more useless exercise than the crunch (well, other than the bench press), I’m yet to hear about it.

Heck, I don’t know about you – but even if this were to be true – I’d rather get my exercise in within 15 minutes or less- and then ENJOY the rest of the day without fidgeting or worrying about “how many calories I’d burn during my workout”.

I’ve written before that I’ve never counted calories in my life, and never do – and I never will. And if that annoys the fitness pundits, so be it. The ball busters in the 0 Excuses Fitness System ensures that I never need to do so – and results speak for themselves.

As they say, results talk, and B.S. walks. Well, I modified the saying a bit but you get my drift. 😉

Last, but not least, if you’re REALLY looking to torch calories, then shaking your bum about on the office chair or “twitching” or moving your legs a wee bit or even chewing the almighty GUM ain’t-a-gonna whack dem lard lumps.

What will do is brief, intense workouts such as the type I detail in my Advanced Hill Training course. And yes, you CAN do these workouts on flat ground as well in case you’re wondering.

You literally CAN eat more – and weigh less – and if further proof is needed, well, look at what happened to yours truly during the mayhem of Lunar New Year 2018. All detailed on the page and the book – take a gander if you so choose – – and literally FEEL the fat stripping off your body as you go through these movements!

Ok, my friend – that’s it for now. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be doing my sprints later on tonight. You’re welcome to join me – or fidget away as I sprint, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if this email has you fidgeting internally and has got your thumb “itching” to press that order button to see what the fuss is all about, well, don’t “fight the urge”. This itch is a good thing – and you DO need to scratch it (while burning calories apparently, hehe) – – and here is where you can scratch dat itch – –


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