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Dear Reader,

As I was going through my sprints and pull-ups today, several thoughts flashed into my mind – thoughts that had been there a while, and thoughts that I’m gonna share with you now.

This email is going to come off as even more “right off the bat” – and “in the flow” – and “from the heart” than my normal dispatches do. So be it …

Ok, so this morning I sent out an email where I included the above “Results Talk – B.S walks” part.

I’ll expound more on this now.

I remember walking into my parent’s living room a coupla weeks ago, when another couple was sitting there. According to my wife it was my sister’s in laws – and of course, my daughter being the naughty “sociable” (mischievous!) almost-5 year old, ’twas but natural for her to join the luncheon party as it were.

I think what happened was that she was munching on macaroni – or at least, that was the plan.

Apparently things didn’t go according to plan, and yours truly was “sent” by “guess who” to (amongst other things) figure out if our little angel had eaten – and if so, what, and if not, why, and … uh, but you get the drift, I believe!

She hadn’t – but as I walked out of the living room to do some other things, I overheard a few “whispered” comments.

“He’s lost a lot of weight, hasn’t he”, chimed in the male part of the “visiting duo”

“Yes, he has”, my mom chimed in (in a tab somber tone, I thought). “I could barely recognize him!”

I then heard my father nodding in agreement (if thats possible to do!).

“YEs, yes. He’s lost a lot!”

Now remember these guys were comparing me to when I was around 120 kgs – a while ago – but given my parents see me fairly regularly, and given this was NOT intended as praise or a compliment (’twas a matter of fact observation) – and given that it’s been years since I’ve been anywhere near out of shape – well – says a lot about my RECENT results, doesn’t it?

I still recall my wife goggling at me when I walked in the door last year (after a few months away).

“Is that really you??” she went on.

(This, by the way was during my “leaning out” phase – a phase where 0 Excuses Fitness came to my aid – just as it does now during my “strength, maintenance and overall fitness” phase).

Funny, and sad part is this though – all these people, though they see the results are quick to “scoff” at the methods.

It’s either “that won’t work” or “it’s too hard” or “thats too simple! it just can’t work!” – and so forth – and its NOT just my family that says this either. If I had a dollar for every time I told an average person to get off their duff and DO what I teach and sell – – and every time I received said response – – well, I’d be a multi-billionaire several times over by now.

I see folks walking in the local park here daily – bellies jiggling as they “furiously” try and walk the weight away, but it doesnt happen.

Years pass, and when I return to this local park after another one of my  China jaunts, I see these same people walking in the park, with nary a change in their rotund bodies.

At this point, a lot of folks chime in and claim “well, that’s not what we want. We’re satisfied with what we’re doing and our results”.

Huh?? Are you for real??

You’re satisfied with mediocre results – – and you expect me to believe that?

Look, NO-ONE on this planet is satisfied with mediocre fitness results and time wasted in the gym or elsewhere, and if you needed further proof, the barrage of questions I get on a daily basis by those that see me in person proves the point even further.

Then we have the “well, everyone goes to the gym, so it must be right” crowd. “Pushups! Pull-ups! Bear crawls! Pah! No-one really does those! That’s kiddie stuff!  That’s easy!”

Well, fair enough.

If you want to “do what everyone does”, thats certainly your biz, my friend and you sure as heck ain’t gonna hear a peep out of me in that regard. To each his or her own is what I’ve always said and am gonna say NOW.

But you’ll get the results “everyone” does as well. That’s just a fact.

One of my sister-in-laws, for example, has back pain from a) no exercise and b) wearing high heels all day at work and c) eating out all the time – a toxic combo if there ever was one.

This could easily be combated by doing the back bridge – an exercise I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness – and doing it RIGHT as opposed to how it’s normally taught.

You can access 0 Excuses Fitness right here – –

And of course, replacing the offending heels – but then again – “everyone wears ’em, so … ”

Ah, hell. I give up!

Point of today’s somewhat lengthy dispatch is THIS – my friend – that results talk, and B.S. walks.

Learn from someone that not only follows what he preaches – but also has the RESULTS to prove.

Not many are willing to do this – but those that are get spectacular results – results like I’ve gotten or even better – – and results YOU can – and WILL get too!

So that’s it for today. Thanks as always for reading – and if you workout today – make it an awesome one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, you may end up getting in such good shape that your own family members blink and do double takes when they see you. Such is life on the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend – it IS truly the BEST darn fitness system out there, bar none.

P.S. #2 – And if you’re part of the crowd that has bought machines and treadmills to use at home – – “because you have no time”, and are STILL not getting in shape (and believe you me, there are folks that have done this for years and are NOT making progress)  – – well, do the smart thing, and make the right investment. Machines and treadmills don’t hold a candle to what I promote my friend. They sure don’t – and the proof is in the PUDDING!

P.P.S – – We recently created a “No B.S” Facebook group as well – if you’re interested, hark on over here to see what the fuss is all about – – I think you have to “apply” to be a part of it, but I ain’t sure as yet. While you’re at it though, remember to follow us on our other social media accounts as well (Twitter – @0xcusesfitness; Instagram – @0excusesfitness).


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