Fitting exercise into your daily schedule

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Dear Reader,

Many moons ago, 2008 to be precise, I believe, the onlookers and travelers at the New Delhi subway stations were greeted by a strange sight indeed.

An unique sight if I might say so – and that sight was a slim 25 year old something laddie rushing up the subway stairs, long hair in full flow (that was back when it was down to my waist) – laptop in tow – and most intriguingly, in full formal attire, right down to business casual shoes.

That young lad was me – and I had a long, long commute either way to work, most of which was accomplished by subway.

And naturally being the fitness fanatic I am, I made full use of the limited time I had in the subway to get in a CRACKER of a workout – that being stair sprints – and those are hard enough done by themselves – but when you pack on a hefty ass laptop? Whew!

I still remember the stares all the “tired” and “defeated” office goers used to give me as they trundled along on the escalators …

A stare, which quite frankly was a mixture of curiosity and downright bewilderment (i.e. WTF, hehe).

This despite the numerous signs posted on the subway station’s walls literally exhorting people to climb the stairs if not sprint for heart health (amongst others) …

My workout took like less than 2 minutes to be honest – but was I PANTING at the end of it?

I used to do my pushups before work – and believe me, 500 odd pushups followed by these sprints and then a full day of work will make you feel it, my brother – and the reason I’m telling you this is that there literally is NO way you cannot fit exercise into your schedule no matter how busy you are.

I wrote earlier about visiting my buddy Marc for a few beers back when I was in China. I wrote about the elevators in his house not working.

And I wrote about tackling the 20 odd flights of stairs to his house – something that was a breeze for me, even with beer bottles in tow, but something that wasn’t that easy for him – but something that he DID – to his utmost credit – with NO excuses made!

These are but two examples of why I blanch (and thats being polite) when I hear folks complain about “not having enough time”.

Huh?? You don’t have even 2 minutes – or 5 minutes to spare in your day?

I don’t believe that, my friend – and if you honestly don’t have even that much time to spare – well – then I suggest you take a step back and re-evaluate what you are doing with your life and how you’re living it.

On another note, NOT everyone is ready for stair sprints – – or even climbing TWO flights of stairs to begin with, let alone 20.

I mentioned a true testimony given by a former bodybuilder (that thankfully saw the light) on the Shoulders like Boulders page, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that many a bodybuilder have dropped dead from a heart attack simply from doing daily, mundane activities (such as raising one’s arms to hang a picture, for instance – and yes – that’s true!).

And he certainly wasn’t in the sort of shape to sprint stairs, for one.

But why just him? The average person is so out of shape that he starts wheezing uncontrollably after climbing two moderate flights of stairs to his apartment – and less if he’s got groceries in tow.

And so forth.

A great place to start though are the pushups – or squats – or even the back bends I’ve described in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

I’ve given you detailed instructions on how to do all these exercises – and no, again, it’s “not just pushups”. It’s far, far more than that – far more than you ever imagined you could get even from pushups, for that matter.

These workouts don’t take long at all, my friend. You can fit in a 15 minute block in the morning to jump start your day – or the same at the end of the day to “banish the blues” as it were.

They’ll get the heart pounding – the muscles working – and will give your entire system a tune up from the inside out – the way it SHOULD be – and you’ll feel like a billion bucks thereafter.

Most of all, there’ll be no more excuses left in terms of “having no time to workout”.

Ain’t that a good thing, my friend?

I sure think it is. Give it a try today, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Was  a sight indeed to see Mommy and Daughter sprinting on the way to school this morning to see if they could “outrun” Papa. Indeed a sight, and indeed great to have a daughter that does this of her own accord damn near every morning! That’s what I mean by setting a good example – the benefits are manifold – not just for you – but EVERYONE you come in contact with. And following the 0 Excuses Fitness System religiously is one of the best examples you can set, my friend. Grab your copy right now, and get started!

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