Meat Cleaver forearms

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Dear Reader,

A year or so ago, I met someone outside a local high school in China – someone I’m good friends with until this date – and someone that did something that was quite surprising and a novelty for me as well.

What was this something?

Well, he took my hand in his massive paw to shake it and to be honest it felt like I had put my hand inside an industrial grade cement mixer to be honest.

Woah! I hear some of you saying. Aren’t you the gorilla grip guy? Aren’t you the guy that has very proudly proclaimed on multiple occasions that his gorilla grip exercises gave him a grip of steel – all without doing a single pull-up and a grip that routinely has most folks – including most gym rats – shaking their head in bewilderment as if to wonder how the “slim” guy packs such a punch in his grip?

True, my friend. True. I do indeed have a gorilla grip – hence I penned the manual – but THIS guy was more than, or at least a  match for it.

We jostled back and forth a bit doing out best to “pull” the other towards ourselves – something which was instinctual not just for me – but for him as well.

Seasoned readers of this email list will know who I’m referring to, but for the uninitiated?

Well, it’s a 6’1″ giant I’m referring to – a good friend of mine who I have the utmost respect for – a man that has served in the U.S Marines Corps for over 25 years – and a man who naturally has been into bodyweight exercise ALL his life.

A man who a herd of crazed, charging rhinos would think twice before messing with, especially given those lumberjack shoulders he’s got (hey, now THAT’s a good idea for a product, ain’t it? hehe) – and forearms that look as if they belong on an ironmonger.

And a man who features in Gorilla Grip as well, hehe. I couldn’t leave him out of there – especially not after the comments he made about my grip – all of which are true, by the way. No B.S. in any of that, as is the case with me in general as well as all my writings.

‘Twas this guy that sent me a strange looking photo the other night – strange looking at first glance, at least.

It was one of those photos “doctored” by the dumb phone with special effects. You know what I’m referring to, don’t you?

It was a normal picture – but “blurred out” and converted to “slatish grey” or some such color, and a silhouette was all that was visible – well, a man working on a laptop, but upon close examination I  knew who it was instantly.

What gave it away was the size- and shape of those FOREARMS – which try as you might, you cannot disguise.

Meat cleaver forearms as the case are, and those forearms in question belong to the friend I’m referring to – and once I saw those bulging forearms, there was NO question in my mind as to who was the “star” in the picture, hehe.

As I told my friend, “There ain’t no doubting who those meat cleavers belong to!”

Anyway, I haven’t caught up with him in a while, but the point of me telling you this?

Well, first off, this – that brawny, huge forearms that look like they belong on a butcher-blacksmith combo – and mammoth shoulders literally bursting with power are something that every male wants – but precious few actually end up GETTING.

And in terms of a strong grip, other than all the practical benefits, here’s one more for gym rats and pumpers/toners alike – the forearms, along with the neck are a part of the body that will ALWAYS be visible, no matter what type of clothing you wear.

You can try and disguise your belly by wearing loose fitting clothes, though it’s not going to disguise it fully.

You can try and disguise the “flamingo” look that many gym gorillas sport i.e. a massive upper body and reed like legs by clothing – and again, although it’s not really gonna work, you can at least try to some extent.

But the forearms and neck stand out no matter what.

You cannot conceal a pair of well developed forearms, my friend, and try as you might, the same goes for underdeveloped forearms.

And MOST, if not all of the exercises I note in Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (advanced) are exercises my buddy swore by when he was in the military as well – exercises that work just as well for civilians, btw, and exercises that have kept him in the sort of shape that he is today at an age where most would call him “way past his prime”.

Exercises that you, my friend, would be WELL advised to take a look at, and try if you’re serious about developing grip strength – and judging from the reaction I’ve got from my previous grip training emails, it seems plenty are!

I’ll close this out with a quote from the book and sales page itself.

“I’ve never met anyone that grabbed my hand naturally with a kung fu grip like that!”

You’re right, my friend – and neither have I – so mucho respect in that regard, amigo – you truly DO know – and HAVE – that gorilla grip I keep referring to!

Last,  but not least, always remember that I state in Gorilla Grip, optimal results can only be obtained if you use the exercises in Gorilla Grip along with the regimens in 0 Excuses Fitness as a baseline.

You cannot do it any other way, my friend. You can only develop your grip to the fullest if you have a solid base to build upon – it just don’t work any other way.

Oh, and for you meatheads out there — there are actually a couple of exercises in there that are NOT bodyweight only – but they certainly aren’t “sitting on a bench and doing wrist curls” either.

No, the few “non bodyweight” exercises in there are the REAL deal – that build REAL men – and exercises that few people care to do these days. Dare to be the exception to that general rule if you so choose, and you’ll benefit in proportion too!

OK, thats it for now. I’ve been “putting out fires” all day as it were, and now I’m off for some more firefighting. More later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Believe it or not, my friend whose got years and years of experience doing bodyweight stuff was most keen to learn about the Hindu pushups and squats I mention in the System – both exercises he has NOT done before – but exercises that he’d love to try nonetheless. Fancy that, huh? A man who you’d think would “know it all”, but has the exact same OPPOSITE attitude. My hat off to you, my brother – and as for you folks reading this, if this doesn’t motivate you to get off yer duff and try out what I’m talking about – – well – – I’m not sure what will!

P.S. #2 – I’ve been getting my daughter to work the heavy bag these days (as I mentioned in a prior note) and boy is she getting into it!  More on that later as well …


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