An alternate reality

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Dear Reader

Back when I created the initial “Fast and Furious Fitness” website (YES, THAT book was the initial iteration of the new and revamped “0 Excuses Fitness System)”, I had no inkling of how I’d actually proceed in that biz.

It was the first time I had ever really seriously considered doing anything online.

I had heard all the advice about putting a site out there. Putting a blog out there, and doing justice to it in the form of great content. Building a subscriber base. And then selling. Et al.

And yet, other than the writing and fitness part, both of which seem like talents (amongst a few others) that I was seemingly, but not really “born with” – – I had little experience doing the rest of the stuff.

My initial goal was to build a list and start from there, and despite having all the resources at hand, incredibly I didn’t take any major marketing actions due to a variety of reasons.

Even more incredibly, my list GREW – without me doing much other than blog about it.

And it grew at a pretty rapid rate – and a few of you on this list KNOW this. Heck, I’ve been through several iterations of the site/products since – – and some of you have repeatedly found me – – and signed back up for the newsletter — so I was quite obviously putting out stuff folks liked!

Yet – even more incredibly, I did nothing to promote back then, and the biz fell by the wayside (sort of) to be replaced by other concerns.

Fast forward to NOW – – and I’m still doing the same thing – – except I’m doing it full time now, which is something I enjoy greatly, and am therefore going “all out” – – but the key again is that most of my major successes even with this biz happened WITHOUT me actively trying.

Note this doesn’t mean without actively DOING anything – not at all. That is just not possible but hold on – let me veer off a bit on a tangent.

In 2015, a personal incident occurred to me, the “emotional after-effects” (NOT scars, tho) of which persist until today.

And as a result of this, I started doing MORE of what I was already doing fitness wise.

I was on a mission. The goal was to get the fittest I had ever been – challenge the “limits”, and knock ’em all out of the ball park – – and I DID.

Now lest you think the key to all this was “mere” effort,  think again. There have been times in my life I’ve applied myself galore to a certain task – only for NO results to materialize, or NEGATIVE results for that matter.

The key, my friend – was that in BOTH the cases above, I knowingly/unknowingly created an alternate reality in my mind.

When I first started, I had no idea on how to attract customers – yet I knew I would – and I did.

When I ramped up my fitness goals from “good” to “super” and then “supreme”, I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish said goals – but I did.

Both the “effort” and “mental” parts of this have been shared in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – and I highly, highly recommend you to read the 10 Commandments of Physical Success I mention therein – – even if you are NOT interested in getting fit.

In the meantime, what if you’re currently at “super slob” level, but have a goal to get super fit?

Well – GREAT.

What if you constantly “see the reality” in front of you as you train, and get discouraged?

If you’ve got a 45 inch waist, for instance, and are 5’8″ – – chances are you won’t be able to do many pushups, if any at all.

Key here?

Well, try –  for one – but TWO – imagine a new and fit you in your mind as you do the exercises.

SEE yourself the way you want to be – SEE – – and “feel” the flab stripping away at record speed in your mind’s eye as you train.

This, my friend is key to achieving anything of note – and though I’ve spoken about it at length before, today seemed to be a good evening to bring it up once again, and therefore I am.

Last, but not least, lest you think yours truly doesn’t need a reminder on this every now and then – think again.

I’m human – just like you – and a conversation with my buddy Vincent, amongst other things led me to tell you this — as well as implement this philosophy into ANOTHER area of my life that for whatever strange reason I’ve been neglecting to thus far.

Ok, so those are today’s tips. Create an alternate reality for yourself in your mind’s eye first — and you’ll see the physical results materialize soon enough!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While I speak of the mind’s eye in the email above, ONE of my products allows you to literally – as in physically – SEE – and FEEL the flabola DISAPPEARING off your midsection, arse, and all other problem areas in RECORD time – – AS you do the very exercises. And yes, it’s true, my friend. It’s true – – and you can learn the exact exercises that brought me to realize what I just told you right HERE – – 

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