He said I’m charging too much

Dear Reader,

We received a myriad of responses to the short “questionnaire” I sent out yesterday – some interesting – some very helpful indeed – and some downright silly.

There was this one gentleman who claimed “I was charging too much for my products and that though he was paying more at the gyms, the gym was somehow “worth it””.

I asked him why he was still on this list in that case.

“I still haven’t been able to do a proper pull-up TWO years after I started doing lat pulldowns” was the response.

Well, funnily enough this gentleman is a similar predicament to many others out there, but here is where their paths diverge.

Those that really want to improve at pull-ups(or anything, for that matter) take action – no matter what the “cost” might be.

They realize that the path to their goals is by DOING – and not “whining” or complaining about extraneous factors out of their control.

Take the case of Gautam, for instance — a customer from India whose testimonial can be viewed HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/testimonials/ as well as on our Facebook page HERE – – https://www.facebook.com/0excusesfitness/.

Here is what his initial email read (with the subject line “I want to buy your book!!!!!”) – –

Hello Mr. Rahul Mookerjee,

First of all hearty congratulations for creating a magnificent fitness site and superb fitness courses.  All of your products look extremely intriguing.

But the product I am most interested in is the “Get Better At Pull Ups” Book. Because I can’t even do a single pull up. But I can’t order the book through your site. The 2 Checkout payment processor is showing an error: PE102 for all the products. Please rectify this as soon as possible so that I can buy the book.

One more request. Can you please offer a small discount to the above mentioned book.  As an Indian buying this book in dollars is slightly expensive. So I Hope You understand my plight.

One more question, Do you share the same content in “Get Better At Pull Ups” Book in the “Fast And Furious Fitness” Book. If yes, then I will buy the “Fast And Furious Fitness” Book instead because it has more information for thighs and calves etc.

Now as you can see, this was back in the day when I was still doing the “Fast and Furious” books – – a product that is NO longer active, but a product that I still have hard copies of lying around in the house.

My first published book as it were – – and those memories linger on forever!

Here is what I told him –

Thanks for the heads up on 2checkout as well as your kind words! Yes, we are currently encountering some issues with the 2checkout payment system, however, these should be resolved by tomorrow or thereabouts. For the moment, please make the payment via Paypal to our Paypal account, and I will have the order approved manually.

With regard to your questions, at this point in time we are unfortunately not offering any discounts on e-products, however, bearing in mind the problem you have faced, I am willing to offer you a 10% discount on the total amount if you order another e-product. In your case, “Shoulders like Boulders”  strikes me as the next best e-product to order, however, depending upon your current level of fitness, the actual Fast and Furious Fitness book might be a better deal. Yes, I do offer a lot of the same insights on pull-ups in that book, however, the other manual is dedicated solely to pull-ups, so some of the things covered in there may only be mentioned “in passing” in the actual book. If you do decide to go down this route, please let me know, and I will let you know the final amount due.

Thanks again for your email, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Best of luck getting better at the pull-ups!

This email thread is long, by the way – and his next response contained a ton of questions about the actual product which I’ll share in another post. But the point of me telling you this?

Well, first off, that I’m willing to work with someone that genuinely wants to learn. While that doesn’t mean I’ll be offering freebies galore (like the gentleman above implied), I’m perfectly willing to work with you on other factors – – especially if you’re considering our coaching services etc.

Point being, you have to be willing to LEARN as Gautham was – and once he made the investment – he accomplished his goal of getting better at pull-ups – as the testimonial shows.

And while Gautham is one of the “doers” in life – – he is by no means alone. In future emails I’ll share another testimonial from a prior customer “Michael Harding”, someone whose been on the list for a long, long time – and someone who knows that “whining” isn’t the way to accomplish any sort of goal.

So that’s today’s update. If you feel that “I’m charging too much”, well, that’s your opinion, my friend – and you’re entitled to it – but know that I’m interested in working with DOERS – not complainers, whiners and moaners.

Last, but not least, here is ANOTHER point – – while we received quite a few responses (mostly on the “other” section), for whatever reason, we didn’t receive very many responses to the “What is your biggest fitness challenge” right now question.

So let me ask once you once again.

Write back – email back – or give me a shout out on social media as to what YOUR biggest fitness challenges are RIGHT now at this point.

For me, it was trying to fit into “XXL” size jeans (bought from “Plus” stores) back in the day when I was carrying around the minor matter of 120 kgs in weight.

It was “avoiding the stares” and calling myself a “big guy” (and ok, I still had a big chest and shoulders) – when in reality I was a fat slob.

And if this situation sounds familiar, well, so be it – there’s dozens of people around the globe in similar situations. And there’s dozens that have recognized this as a problem – and have taken action to FIX it – and are currently reaping the rewards like yours truly is.

So that’s it for today! Write back and tell me about your fitness challenges right now – – and I’ll do what I can to help out!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And again, while I do offer this email list for free, the products aren’t for free, and neither are my personal coaching services. I’m interested in DOERS – not “lookie lous” and other time wasters. I’m looking for those that wish to improve – and have a burning DESIRE to improve – so if that’s you – drop  me a line – and lets get the ball rolling!

P.S #2 – Quote of the day – – “Tigers don’t lose SLEEP over the opinion of SHEEP!”

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