Like a horse with blinders on

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Dear Reader,

When my daughter is watching her favorite videos (which equates to any halfway “sensible” cartoon these days, hehe) – not even a typhoon could shake her out of the “stupor” she seems to be in.

Or the “hypnosis”, if I might say so, albeit somewhat self induced via the “jiggly wiggly” (as she loves to say!) characters on the dumb phone screen.

When she’s watching her videos, it’s quite literally like she’s been hypnotized – – by the vision unfolding in front of her on the screen.

She’ll ignore her name being called out – she’ll ignore food – she’ll even ignore the urge to give her father a few “stout” ones to the midsection (something she excels at these days, btw!).

In short – WWWIII could break out in front of her window and she’d still stay put in front of the screen – unless her Internet petered out or unless YouTube itself didn’t work for some reason.

Now, I’ve spoken before at length about both the dumb phone and the idiot box – both of which in my opinion vie for the top spot on the list of “10 most useless and idiotic inventions” ever – at least in terms of challenging us and making us think.

Tho the Tee-Vee takes top spot in my book, the dumb phone ain’t far off behind.

But the cartoons she’s watching do have one positive benefit – in that at HER age, she’s actually using her imagination and learning from the cartoons – as opposed to older kids and adults who end up “letting the T.V. imagine for them”.

The radio was a great invention IMO because you had to actually visualize what was happening – and what was being reported – as opposed to the idiot box which does it for you pretty much.

Anyway, what’s good about my daughter’s fixation? Why do I share this?

Well, first off, because she’s got that sort of single minded devotion with ANYTHING she tries to do – including hitting the heavy bag, hehe.

It might just for a few minutes, but during those few minutes it’s like a horse with blinders on. In fact, wild horses would be hard pressed to pull her away from doing that “important something” and that is NOT an understatement.

There’s a lesson or two here, me thinks.

While being like a “horse with blinkers on” might NOT sound like the best way to go through life, it most certainly IS the best way of accomplishing goals – especially new ones you havent set before and those that challenge you.

Those of you that have seriously set goals and have tried to pursue them have no doubt experienced what I’ve written about a lot i.e. that the people supposed to be closest to you are the ones that either wittingly or unwittingly turn into negative energy drains as in, “it can’t be done”.

Or, “that’s too difficult”.

Or “That’s never been done before! You’ll never be able to do that”.

Foeey. The motor car wasn’t invented before Ford invented it – and I don’t think any one of us doubts that the car is, without doubt, here to STAY as one of the centerpieces of our modern day existence.

And what about the lightbulb? The wireless? And so forth?

Fitness wise, when you set off on the 0 Excuses Journey of your life, the same thing applies.

Friends and family will come up to you and shake their heads dolefully and claim it’s “just bodyweight exercises” and will never work (despite all the proof to the contrary).

Or (and as happened to me when I was young), “he’ll never be able to do pull-ups, let alone 5 – or 10 – or a 100!”

‘Tis but human nature, my friend. It’ll happen and the way to deal with it is by doing what my little girl does i.e put your “blinders on” and forge ahead regardless of who is saying what.

Don’t even process what the naysayers – and everyone else says.

BLOCK out the world, as it were – and focus on your goal – and your DREAM –  much like my little girl does during her videos on the dumb phone.

And of course, ACT. When it comes to fitness, just “block out the world” and do the doggone exercises.

Do ’em regularly. Do ’em daily, twice daily if you so choose. Do ’em with a doggedness that belies your current “beached whale” status (if that is the case). And so on and so forth.

Do so with enough passion – and DESIRE – and you’ll soon be in the position of saying “I told you I could” to the rest – – if that matters, hehe. It doesn’t to me, but you’ll be in that position regardless!

So that’s today’s tip, my friend. While there’s far more to the above than what I’ve mentioned, I’ve told you the core of it.

Stay true to your goal – block out ALL the negativity – and believe, believe, believe – until your belief literally changes into reality before your very eyes (and in your mind’s eye BEFORE that).

Miracles will happen if you choose to “trod” the above path as I have – and scores of other people have as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

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