Man am I knackered or WHAT?!

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Dear Reader,

Ok, so was a busy day here at 0 Excuses headquarters to be sure. We’ve been receiving plenty of interest from affiliates (i.e. folks interested in promoting our products) as of late, and this has led to a lot of “backlog” in terms of paperwork, approvals etc.

That reminds me – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but the affiliate link is right HERE – If you’re interested, feel free to sign up and register, and we’ll get you approved rightaway after a few simple questions.

Anyway, I was going to finish off my day with a high intensity pull-up/sprint workout – something along the lines of, but not quite exactly the same as what I’ve mentioned in Advanced Hill Training (ah yes, one of my all time favorites – and a course that is sparking a lot of interest right about NOW!).

But Nature wasn’t in tune with my plans today. It started to rain around 4:00 P.M. or so, and that put paid to any plans of any outdoor workouts.

So I took it indoors – as I often do.

And as I often say, of course – the best thing (or one of the very best at any rate) about the 0 Excuses Fitness stuff I do and promote is the ability to get super cracking workouts in anywhere – leaving you with no chance for excuses.

But, I did something different today.

My entire workout lasted around 30 minutes – and BOY was I KNACKERED at the end of it!

I’m sitting here right about now (around an hour or so after it), and I’m starving to death. Not only that, I feel like I’ve been put through  my paces – all without doing a single pull-up or even regular pushup – let alone sprint.

Well, no. That last bit ain’t quite accurate – I did sprint style workouts – except I used the heavy bag.

I hit it hard and heavy today, and believe me, a good workout on the heavy bag will make you FEEL it – all over your body!

But hear me out here – it needs to be done the right way.

A lot of trainers have folks do 5 minute rounds on the bag, thinking it prepares them better for actual fight conditions (3 minutes each).

There may be some logic to this thinking, but thats generally NOT how it works practically. What happens is boxers end up pacing themselves for the longer duration, which beats the entire purpose which is to get in better cardio and overall shape.

Personally, after a brief warm up  I’ll hit the bag as hard as can – and as FAST as I can – WITHOUT compromising form.

WITHOUT letting my shoulders droop. And so forth.

And believe me, when you blend the intense stuff in with the “regular” heavy bag stuff, 2 minutes starts to feel like an eternity – let alone 3 or 5.

But the best part isn’t what I do DURING those few minutes.

That isn’t what gets the fat burning either – well, not at full blast, anyway.

What (and hold on to your hats – this is gonna surprise you) really gets the fat melting is what I do during my brief rest periods between rounds on the heavy bag.

Instead of “standing in one spot” as many people do, I dropped down to the floor and knocked out 30 table pushups in proper form, and then 20 Hindus.

Back to the heavy bag, and then 25 reps of the best darn exercise there is … and believe me, I was FEELING It by then.

When you combine the best darn exercise there is with pull-ups or hitting the heavy bag – well – WATCH out is all I can say! You’ll be reaching elite levels of strength and fitness soon enough if you keep doing it regularly.

And so forth. Truth be told, I could have substituted a bazillion different exercises as included in the System during my rest periods – – Hindu squats would be another great choice if I really wanted to torch the entire body.

This is yet another thing that’s so awesome about my System! It gives you so many choices that you’ll never ever get bored – and will always manage to get a great, great workout in – even during inclement conditions.

I’m feeling GREAT – and  I’ll sign off on that note for now. Pick up the System right HERE if you’re so inclined – and start experiencing the “feel great” endorphins coursing through  your body as you dive into the exercises!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The “best darn exercise ever” is one that is a) often overlooked in a training regimen and b) an exercise most fitness trainers and athletes alike have NO clue on how to do correctly. I spent a long time learning how to do this correctly – and I’ve put together the goods on this for you right HERE – –

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