Controlling that “burbling” tummy

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Dear Reader,

Many years ago, I remember being in an awkward situation (over and over again, by the way) when I was sitting in a meeting in a rather dank conference room up in New York.

It was a case of the runs – something like that, at least, and as always it came at the most INOPPORTUNE times.

While my diet and everything else wasn’t perfect at that time (hey, which 21 year old even thinks about diet, eh?) – – this problem had started a year or so ago when the pounds started to pile on to me (yes, I was at my unfittest when I was supposed to be at my fittest – – and vice versa as well!) – but had only now reached “stomach boggling” proportions.

For a long time, I just thought I had to put up with it. Live with the constant “rumbing in my stomach”. Live with the constant indigestion – and flatulence – apparently brought on by damn near ANY food item.

And so forth – and I DID live with it a while before going to a doctor (three, actually) and asking them what was up.

Their response was unanimous. “You’ve got IBS” (translates into irritable bowel syndrome”).

That malady in case you didnt know affects a HUGE percentage of the developed world and a fair bit of the developing world as well. And chances are good that if you’re over the age of 25 and reading this, you can identify with a lot of what I’m saying as well.

Now, the ole doc prescribed me pills etc for it, as well as “when to eat”, and “what to eat”, and what not to eat.

In fact, the whole prescription he gave me looked more like an exhaustive manual than a prescription – and rest assured I gave up trying to follow it after a week or two.

Did it help for that week? Well, somewhat – but not really.

Strangely enough, though I was way overweight at that time none of these fine medical professionals recommended EXERCISE done the right way, though one of them did recommend “pounding the pavement”.

“You need to go jogging”, he mused, looking me up and down with a tired eye as he might “another specimen”. “Slow cardio done for at least 45 minutes straight, and be careful not to get your heart rate up too high!”

Well, needless to say that didn’t go over too well.

When I moved to China a year or so later, and started my hill climbs and other things I did there – these problems all disappeared – along with a LITANY of other health problems I had, but here’s the thing.

Now, you might be thinking this would be the perfect time for me to pop “Advanced Hill Training” onto ya, right?

Well – yes – it IS – but thats not why I’m writing this to you.

Not all of us have a hill nearby our homes where we can workout. Although the routines in the manual above can and should be done on flat land as well, not everyone is in the sort of shape you need to be in to crank out these routines ad infinitum.

What if you need a fix from this annoying issue NOW – while you get your weight under control too?

Well – good news is THIS. It EXISTS.

And it involves exercise, yes, but perhaps not of the type you’d think – at least not all the exercises.

It involves core workouts – workouts done specifically for the CORE, my friend – and while they tax the entire body, the KEY area they tax is the CORE.

I’ve detailed these exercises in my new course “Corrugated Core” – which you can pick up right here –

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that any 3-5 of the FIFTY exercises I give you in this book will not only give you the “X “taper and 12 pack of your dreams – but it’ll also help you bid adieu to IBS and other annoying gastrointestinal issues you’ve been having.

When the internal organs of the core start to work well – EVERYTHING starts to work – as it was intended to.

And I should know, hehe. I no longer find myself “scouting out the place” for an usable toilet as I did in the past – and neither will you once you start on these exercises!

50 different exercises that take you from beginner – to intermediate – to ADVANCED. Indeed a steal for the price I’m offering it right now, so grab it NOW before the price goes up, up , up!

Here is that link again for you –


Rahul Mookerjee


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