A complete transformation

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Dear Friend,

Well, so like I said in the last email – it’s been a busy, busy weekend for me – but one that was deeply fulfiling in many regards, as I got a couple of projects “off the backburner” and into “production”as it were.

Always feels good to finish “pending tasks” – and when one of those “tasks” is so close to my heart that it feels more like fun than a task, it feels EVEN better!

Anyway, I noticed a Facebook comment on one of my posts the other evening.

It was from a guy I “met” (online) way, way back in 2008 – when I was working for THAT company.

Yes, that company where I made them sales … and …well, I’m sure you know the story, eh?

For those that don’t know the story – it’s right HERE – – but anyway, so this is what the guy said.

(That link I just mentioned is a great resource for all you sales guys out there, by the way, so if you’re in sales, and aren’t managing to meet your targets etc – well – the info in here might help you – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/10-commandments-of-successful-sales/)

“Rahul, I’ve known you through Facebook for years now. You seem to have completely transformed yourself!”

Now that was a nice comment to get – especially from someone I don’t really chat with a lot – someone, who, like he said, I don’t really “know” offline . All I know about him is that he seems to be involved in the travel industry and judging by the gorgeous pictures he puts out regularly of himself “living it up” on his Facebook account – he’s doing well too!

Anyway, transformation is key, my friend – in ALL areas of your life.

You never stay stagnant – even if you’ve achieved a goal you’ve been wanting to for a long, long time.

You let it sink it – sure. You savor that winning feeling – – and finally having DONE it – – sure! But after that – you get right back on the stick in pursuit of more goals. Any other way, and you’ll be sliding downhill quicker than a rabbit running from a charged up grizzly – and this holds true both for life – as well as for fitness.

‘Tis the way life is, my friend. There’s no two ways about it – or around it, for that matter.

Now, what does this have to do with you, you might ask?

Well, simple.

I know a lot of you on this list are die hard “bodybuilders” and a lot of you DO indeed go to the gyms (or want to) and use the machines, cables, weights etc.

I know a lot of you DO exactly what I rail against most of the time i.e. pumping heavy weights, pumping’n’toning, enjoying the “chrome and fern” palaces, and so forth, and while you might expect me to go on a rant against said preferences today, here’s the truth – I’m not.

In fact, here’s my reaction to it – – NO problem, amigo.

Hey, I can show you the light – but if you still do prefer to live with the shoulder and back pain – if you still do prefer to have a weak grip that can barely hoist a weight without being strapped up multiple times – and so forth – well, no arguments from me there either!

Go for it is what I say – but remember one thing.

What if you could continue doing whatever it was you are currently doing – – and STILL transform yourself?

You may not have any interest in cardio – or health – or health from the inside out for that matter. The only thing you may be interested in is gaining as much as muscle as you can on your upper body – the “show muscles”, as it were.

The “bat wing” lats. The “rippling” chest. The “biceps with a peak”.

Yeah, yeah. I know, my friend. I know.

And what if there was a way that you could add in 0 Excuses stuff to your routine and ACHIEVE what you wanted – in addition to your “bodybuilding” and pumping with the bros at the gym?

Look, if an exercise is so tough that the average gym goer falls flat on his face trying to do it, doncha think it’ll build some serious, serious MUSCLE?

Don’t you think it’ll build some SERIOUS, SERIOUS strength?

And no I ain’t referring to Jane Fonda stretches either. I’m referring to real exercises – real MAN stuff as it were.

Let’s be honest. Even those of you that pump heavy weights have seen that guy at the pull bar that may be “slim” – but is STRONG as well – and LOOKS strong too, with the requisite “X” shape, etc.

I’ll bet you my bottom dollar you pause in your weightlifting to look at that dude pumping out 10 sets of 10 pull-ups in a row. And how do I know?

Well – I’m the latter guy – and I’ve seen it happen multiple times. Not even meaning to “brag”, but hey, thats just how it is!

Anyway, good news is this – there ARE bodyweight workouts that’ll make you grow bigger and stronger than ever – while you continue to pump your weights. And here is a course with workouts in it that will accomplish just THAT – – http://0excusesfitness.com/battletank-shoulders/.

I got through a Battletank workout last night, and believe me, my shoulders and traps are FEELING it today, my friend. Ooo-wwwwweeee!

Grab it now, and you’ll be on your way to YOUR own personal transformation, my friend – a JAW dropping transformation at that!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t forget that I’ve got a few spots left in my coaching program as of today. These may not last too long, but if you’re really interested in some serious transformation – well – fill out the form and shoot me your goals right HERE – – and we’ll get straight back to you!


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