Discotheque workout?

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Dear Friend,

Was on my way today with the wife to a little bitty “village” (well, urban sprawl, but whatever) of sorts near where we live, and saw the most interesting thing.

We were orignally going there to pick up eggs and a few other essentials. Ended up picking up a few vegetables and other stuff as well – rather than pay the extortionate rates the clowns over here (where I live) charge. Ugh – thats another story for another time though!

On the way back to the egg guy, I noticed a neon light flashing from “underground” from one of the establishments.

Not a lot unlike what I saw in “another life” in another country if you get my drift (those that have read my previous emails will, hehe), but suffice it to say that loud, pulsating music was pounding on inside, and more than a few “oohs” and ah, and “grunts” were emanating galore (and I could hear everything clearly despite the noise outside).

Ok, so what is it then.

Rave party? Nah, not in this part of India – and not in most of India anyway. India despite all its outward appearances of modernity is still an uber-traditional nation, and for anything like that to happen in public – well, maybe in the next zillion years, or perhaps not even then.

Then I saw a couple of beefy dudes outside, “sizing” up the folks that walked by, myself included.

I grinned in their direction, and they looked away.

Bouncers, maybe? Perhaps … but ….

And then it struck me, as I saw the sign outside.

This wasn’t a disco at all. It was a goddamned GYM!

A gym with strobe lights – loud, pulsating rave music – “bros” posing as bouncers and God only knows what, and of course, plenty of pumping and toning and oiling going on inside (this last bit I got through a hurried peek after which I moved on – ugh!).

And before you dismiss this as another one of my rants against gyms – think again buddy.

The old timers – guys will REAL strength, physicality and conditioning often used gyms – and old time gyms are amongst the BEST places you can train.

No fancy shmancy nonsense. No mirrors. Certainly no oil. And most certainly no jackasses working out to music you wouldn’t want to listen to when drunk, let alone when supposedly sober. Ugh.

The average old timer would turn over in their grave and mutter mournfully if only they knew what gyms have come to become (and symbolize) …

And even this isn’t the main point of this email.

The dudes outside had big huge shoulders.

Rippling biceps with several veins showing. Chests that looked they could rival Arnie in his prime, and likely did.

And of course, the “body hugging” T shirts. One of them even said “F CUK” (spelt that way), and the guy was wearing it with attitude to boot.

And then, as I cast my eyes downwards, I saw the bellies.

Virtually ALL the guys there had protruding bellies and flab they were trying to conceal under their “extra loose” (well, around the midsection) T -shirts, but it’s impossible to conceal three things in clothing, my friend.

The first being weak forearms, which they had. The second being “pelican legs”, which they had too.

Third being …well, I just told ya.

Sad part is, this is more common than you’d think. It’s not just this urban sprawl I’m referring to – walk into MOST gyms in the world, and you’ll see roid crazed storks on full display.

And it’s not the looks that really concern me. It’s the HEALTH that does. These guys couldn’t run – let alone sprint – to save their life – and as for pulling themselves up a few inches in case of an emergency?

Forgeeeeedddddd about it … them triceps would tear before anything of the sort happened.

Funny, and sad part is – that most of these guys are well AWARE of this situation, and yet choose to ignore it, thinking that it’s “either this or that”.

No its not.

You can pump’n’tone if you so choose – though you don’t need to – but you CAN – and SHOULD – also get your weight down while you’re at it!

For starters, why not pump out sets of Hindu squats while you’re doing the chest presses (between sets)?

I guarantee you that it’ll do far far more to burn the Belly of Buddha than  that leisurely jog on the treadmill will …

Or, let’s take forearms. The next time you consider doing “reverse wrist curls” or whatever the heck it’s called – – why not find a THICK bar to hang on to for as long as you can?

(That was a tip straight out of my bestselling grip manual “Gorilla Grip” …. more on the link above!)

You may (the average gym goer WILL) find that this one exercise gives you a better workout than ALL the other exercises in the gym combined – – and thats no exaggeration if we’re talking the average Joe.

Last, but not least, always remember the Paul Bragg fitness axiom.

“Never let your waistline get bigger than it was in it’s prime. Your waistline is your lifeline”.

Truer words were never uttered, my brother. Never ever. Whether or not you choose to take heed though is of course up to YOU!

Ok, I’m out for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The 0 Excuses Fitness System has not just ONE, but several different exercises you can incorporate into your “pump ‘n tone” routines if you so choose.  And the great thing is – – not only will you become the envy of the rest of the bros at the gym once you get good at these – – but you’ll also improve your health and stamina greatly. That hanging belly will become a thing of the past, my friend. So do the smart thing and invest in your fitness right NOW -right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/




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