Do winners have an “advantage”?

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Dear friend,

Back in the day, when I made all those sales for a fledgling I.T. company in New Delhi – – a feat that my next employer quite rightly termed as me bringing the Company from “Zero to Hero” – – you might expect I received praise from all quarters.

After all, it wasn’t an easy task, was it? As I state in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, the other sales manager had been there (and still IS there) for ten year prior to me, and was unable to convert leads – that – get this – literally came to him on a platter and were BEGGING to be converted.

But while the Company was thrilled with the results while I was there, I had my fair share of detractors and naysayers – and believe it or not, some of the people that were “supposed” to be the closest to me formed the majority of these.

“Oh, that’s just sales! An useless job! Anyone can make sales! ”

“Oh, you just did it because you connected with your clients! So what … ?!”

Huh?? You kidding me or what? First off, sales is what makes ANY biz (including mine) go around.

It’s the oldest profession in the world – sure – there are those who would claim “something else” is older than that, but that “something else” is a form of sales/marketing as well if you think about it.

And then this “Ho hum! You did this because you’ve got good English and communication skills. So what …!?”

Double huh.

Ok, so I can speak good English. So can tons of other people that I know. After all, English is hardly a foreign language for me, is it?

Well – not really – but we’ll get into THAT later! 😉

But regardless, my point is this – MOST people chose to focus upon the NEGATIVE of my accomplishments (though there wasn’t any, to be honest) rather than laud the positive and urge me to go on for MORE.

Fitness wise, I keep getting a sad refrain from folks that are the opposite of “fit” (I’m being polite, hehe).

“Oh, you just did it because you lived next to a hill!”

“Oh, but you didn’t do it in India! India has much tougher conditions than China!”


My response to the first comment is always this “Sure did, but lets say YOU did. Would YOU have the discipline and gumption to wake up at 5:30 A.M. come rain, hail, sleet or shine – and climb that sucker 3-6 times DAILY, 7 days a week?”

The answer is usually an annoyed grunt, and they then look away …

In his book, the “Science of getting Rich“, Wallace D Wattles made a great statement.

He said that getting rich isn’t necessarily a byproduct of “doing things”.

It’s a RESULT of doing things a CERTAIN way.

A great statement if there ever was one, and I’ll expound more on that later, but thats food for thought for you today, my friend.

In the meantime, back to fitness – remember that results are results are results, and the minute you start to accomplish results worth of note, you’ll get brickbats aplenty.

‘Tis normal. Dan Kennedy, premier marketer and speaker (amongst many others) once advised a protege of his to throw his hands up in the air and CELEBRATE when negative feedback was received- and progress on to better things.

Sage advice, if there ever was any!

So it matters NOT if you achieve that body of your dreams in China – or in the gyms of Harlem – or Africa – or your living room for that matter.

What matters is that YOU did it.

Of course, you do have to take the first step in doing it. You DO need to have access to the right set of tools – and thats what’s so good about the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

It gives you access to all the tools you’ll ever need – right there in your living room. And it’s right HERE for you to grab – right NOW –

No more excuses, my friend. No more reasons NOT to work out. NO more “whining” about “harsh conditions”.

You’ve got a job to do.

Now go out there – – and git her DONE!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – An article I wrote on LinkedIn about my hill training (wayyyyyyy back in the day) seems to quite popular. Don’t forget to check it out right here – –

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