I could eat a couple of Lieutenant’s for lunch

Dear Reader,

So, was chatting with one of my old friends the other day, and he made this comment.

He’s a retired Master Sergeant with over 20 years of experience, and we all know what that means, eh?

The gruff taskmaster. The “stern disciplinarian”. The “crank out 500 or else” kinda guy. And of course, a guy that chews broken nails and young Lieutenant’s for lunch …

And yet, curiously enough the guy I’m referring to is really none of any of the above.

I met him by chance through a website (which is probably no longer up) in 2003 in China, and this association culminated in us forming a website which at the time the city we were living in hadn’t seen the likes of.

In fact, the city  itself was in a nascent stage. If you were to compare “then” to “now” – you’ be nigh shocked at the transformation that has taken place. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say you’d barely recognize the place at all …

“My life didn’t get this way until about 40 or so, Rahul … Your time will come … perhaps earlier …”

As a 23 year old (which is how old I was when I first showed up in China), I wasn’t doing too badly over there either.

Straight out of college, around six months of so of work experience, and I got catapulted into the world’s fastest growing economy – with a pretty decent compensation package to boot.

China back in the day … ah, it was VERY different from what it is today! Although I love China now too, the sheer sense of adventure back then was something that can possibly never be replicated on such a large scale anywhere in the world today – or at least, I’m yet to see it done anywhere else other than China.

Anyway, my buddy used to work for himself.

“My life these days is very relaxed, Rahul… Most of the time I wake up at 11:30, and do what I like …”

Note I’m quoting from memory. These were all email conversations – – and I do NOT have a history or logs – but those lines stuck in memory  – for a reason.

Though I was doing pretty well too, I had jobs that I HATED going in to, and was naturally curious as to how my buddy made his living.

I still remember a picture from the “old days” showing him with a huge grin on his face, about “12 sheets to the wind” if you get my drift at a local bar.

More than the drink or anything else, it was the sheer JOY – the EXHILARATION – the relaxed “I’m enjoying life” vibe that impressed me the most, and till date, 15 or so years later, I can still remember that picture as vividly as I could the first time I saw it.

My friend might not have realized but he was either consciously or unconsciously using the “law of attraction” – and the law of ABUNDANCE as well – which attracted abundance to him in all it’s shapes, forms and guises – and I’m talking financial abundance here.

And it wasn’t as if some genie had dropped money in his lap either. No sirreeeee ….

More on that later, but fitness wise, what does this have to do with YOU?

If you had told me in 2004 (when I was supposedly at the peak of my fitness) – – that I’d be in the sort of shape I am in today, I wouldn’t have thunk it possible.

I was fit back then sure – but couldn’t get rid of the man boobs. And my waist was nowhere near the 28 or so it is today. Sure, 32 ain’t bad – but 28’s better!

If you had told me this same thing in 2010 – or 2012 – or heck, even 2014 – I’d have laughed in your face and asked you what you were smoking.

And yet, here I am today – the fittest I’ve ever been, and going strong. As the guy on Facebook said the other day “A complete transformation”.

Most astounding part of all this is this – the MAIN transformation part took place in less than 3 months. Sure, there was “before that” and “after that” – – but the back of the fitness “challenge” was broken in less than 3 months to be honest.

And the exercises contained in Advanced Hill Training – and Pull-ups – STUD to Super Stud – played a massive role in this three month period.

Now, there’s plenty to take away from today’s email, folks. I’d suggest you read it once – then twice – and perhaps thrice – but the MAIN takeaway is this – dream, and dream BIG.

Never let anyone tell you what the “limits” are. There are usually none, and the ones that are there are usually self imposed and worthless.

Never let anyone distract you – or dissuade you – from trying to do what you REALLY wanted to do. If there is ONE person that introduced me to the concept of “work from home” as I do these days, it’s my buddy I referred to earlier – albeit unknowingly, and albeit the fact that he’s in a completely different line of work than I am.

And that’s that for today. Fitness wise, I’ve put the gauntlet out there. I’ve told you to dream – dream BIG. 

Dream of having not just the body you’ve always wanted – but MORE – and BETTER than what you wanted – and dream about it constantly.

Forget the derisive looks and snorts and glances behind you when you start implementing the exercises in Advanced Hill Training (which by the way CAN be done on flat land too). You’ll get those, and when you’re the fittest you’ve ever been, that derision will change to grudging admiration.

Dream – and then take action. And only you can take action and click that “order” button,  my friend. Here it is right now – – http://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/

I can’t do it for you. If you really, really want it – you’ll do it. If not, well, all good for me either way!

And before I end – – this email wouldn’t be complete without ONE thing – – Much respect, “General” Michael – – You’ve been an inspiration – – albeit unknowingly – – and we’ll meet up soon for a few cold ones!

Until next time, my Brother!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, as for the “eat lieutenants part”? Well, you know how it goes … pulling rank and all that .. we were having THAT discussion!

P.S. #2 – “It’s a long and lonely road to the top … but boy is it WORTH IT!” – – Rahul Mookerjee, 2017.

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