An African Silverback Gorilla speaks

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Dear Reader,

Well, while we’re on the theme of gorilla grips – and bite marks, hehe – let’s talk about a man who in terms of physique resembles an African silver back gorilla minus the hair far, far more than he does “home sapien”, hehe.

This man is an accomplished boxer and martial artist, as well as a GOOD man overall – – someone whose always willing to go the extra mile (of his own accord, mine you) to help someone that really, really needs it – and believe me, I’ve been in those shoes before (really needing it). Oh YES, I have …

Other than his obvious physical skills and the twin lumps of brawn on his upper arms he calls “shoulders” (I call ’em cannonballs, hehe) – – he’s also dabbled a bit into writing, and today’s dispatch will be from HIM.

And as promised in the last email – – it’ll be HIS success story. Raw and uncensored, and straight from the horse’s … ok, gorilla’s, hehe, mouth.

Here goes!

Well, I’m no writer like Rahul is but I’ll do my best to convey some experiences and motivation.

I used to race road bikes, unsuccessfully mind you but I loved it nonetheless. When I relocated to Asia, more then 7 years ago, I stopped riding. I made all kinds of excuses for it, it’s too dangerous, there’s too much pollution, I don’t have time, blah, blah, blah… Excuses excuses excuses…

I’m sure all of you readers know what I’m talking about. At that time, I really believed myself that those excuses were valid and warranted.

But one day, for some reason, I decided to get back on the saddle. I set my alarm for 5 am and reluctantly got up, pumped air in the tires, filled the water bottles and out I went. I then discovered a beautiful ride in a park only a few km from my house. I hit the wall after only 15 km and limped back home. For those of you not familiar with cycling, hitting the wall is when your muscles are depleted of glycogen and you are solely relying on oxygen to generate power. It sucks, every pedal stroke is torture. Needless to say, I was out of shape and needed to put miles in my legs.

There’s something special about cycling. It’s highly addictive. I don’t know if any of you like role playing games but cycling is a lot like playing a RPG and leveling up your character. Every ride you log in makes you stronger and faster. I have a natural affinity for the sport and I usually improve extremely fast.

I have high blood pressure and prior to starting to ride, I lost 10 kg and was able to cut my dosage in half. Since I started riding, only a couple of months ago, I am now almost off the medication completely. I am averaging over 30km/h and almost 300 watts and I’m just getting started. I am so used to getting up at 5 that I barely need an alarm anymore. It’s part of my routine. They say it can take between 6 months to a year to make changes become a permanent part of your life but it can be faster.

So all this to say; at the end of the day, we all have tons of excuses to not do what we wish we could do but in the end, the only person stopping us from doing it is ourselves and the only way to get it done is like Nike says so well, Just do it. I know it sounds oversimplified and it really is that simple. If you want to do something, just get up in the morning and get it done. Make the time for it like it’s your new religion. Workout like someone is watching you and finally, just keep at it. You will be surprised how fast your body adapts and changes. Take your small victories where you can take them. You won’t beat records every day but you should beat your own limits regularly.

And the most important of all, have fun.

Take care


My response: –

Marc, my BROTHER

This is great, and congratulations on your multiple achievements!! Getting your weight down the way you have is no mean feat given the other issues you’re dealing with, and what you say about no longer being on blood pressure meds – – well – – KUDOS to you on that achievement as well!

Two things about your email stand out – – 1) ZERO excuses and 2) Your statement about “Just do it”.

There is damn good reason behind this site being named “0 Excuses Fitness”, and an even better reason for the “Just do it” tagline (which I changed over the last few weeks as a test, but is, curiously enough BACK now). One of my Italian students that used to learn English from me (a former army man and wrestler) loved it as well – – he took one look at the site and nodded his head knowingly.

As Emerson said, do the thing and you shall have the power. You’re part of the rare breed that doesn’t just “sit and dream”. You formulate goals – and then put them into ACTION – and the results are showing!

Your email also brought back some very pleasant memories of me waking up at 5:30 A.M. in the mornings in China to go hiking. ‘Twas so dark on the hill I’d be using my smartphone for illumination, hehe … until dawn broke, by which time I’d already completed two rounds and was raring to go for a third before my pull-ups.

Last, but not least, this was an awesome piece of writing. Keep at it, and like you say – – you can only get better and better at it!

Thanks again for sending this in – – I’m sure our readers will get mucho inspiration from YOUR story!



Indeed, my friend. Indeed!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’ve got inspirational stories of your own to share – send ’em in – and I’ll post ’em in my daily newsletter!

P.S #2 – Marc as you might imagine is still proceeding on his fitness journey. He’s well aware that accomplishing one goal doesn’t mean sitting back on his rumpus and “being complacent” about it, and I’ve no doubt he’s trying to better P.R.’s as I type this. As he should. If you enjoyed this little dispatch from him – – let me know – – and I’ll pass on the feedback to him so he can keep updating us on his fitness journey!

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