Why you should choose your personal trainer carefully …

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Dear Reader,

Was at the park today, and I saw a personal trainer training a couple of folks out there – a guy that I had seen last week too, I believe.

The trainer himself was one of those big, beefy sorts that looked like he spent quite a lot of time working his arms and chest – – but as is the norm with a lot of gym goers, pretty much nothing on the upper back and legs.

While he didn’t quite have the “pelican leg” syndrome, his legs were nowhere near the size or shape they should be in – and he had the hint (more, actually) of a beer belly poking out under his shirt.

All good considering he was doing a lot of things RIGHT in terms of training the guy and a young lady training with him.

For starters, there was no nonsensical gym equipment. It was bodyweight training, and although it could be done better – FAR better – for FAR better results, at least it was a start.

There was no nonsensical preening and posing either. I remember a gym I visited once in China (termed “Muscle Beach Gym”) and there was a female trainer literally “massaging” her client – – not AFTER a workout – – but while she was doing overhead presses (seated, at that) with little pink dumbells.

I got more than a few cold stares when I guffawed loudly as well as a snide “we don’t want Crossfitters here”.

And my response?

“Cross fit sucks. I can do things with my body that neither you or the vast bulk of Crossfitters can”, I said, while looking the meathead straight in the eye, and after giving me the “up and down” once, he figured “discretion was the better part of valor” in terms of this particular argument.

Hey – don’t doubt it – I’d put him on the pull-up bar with me on a jiffy and prove it too! Hehe …

But anyway, back to the trainer at the park.

Normally, this dude doesn’t have the couple do any pulling exercises whatsoever. He has them do modified burpees as well as a light jog in the park, and some light rope jumping along with a few stretches, and that’s that.

A slow ass 45 minute workout that our 0 Excuses Fitness brethren wouldn’t even break a sweat doing.

And judging by the looks of the couple, it wasn’t doing much in terms of either fat loss or increase in strength / stamina.

After the instructor (and the couple) saw me pounding out pull-ups and doing monkey bar work by their side, they decided to incorporate it too into their routine.

Gal was asked to try the monkey bar swings, and she gave up without even trying. Trainer wouldn’t even goad her into trying to do it. All he did was smile and say OK …

Guy jumps up, and furiously flails about on the bars before a) gripping it incorrectly and b) kicking so much with his legs that I was wondering if he was in an elementary TaeKWondo class or doing monkey bar work.

Probably the former in his mind!

And sad part is, the trainer himself probably had NO inkling of the fact that he was gripping it incorrectly – or that he shouldn’t be kicking around. He did mention something about his “turn not being correct”, but thats about it.

In Gorilla Grip, and Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks – – I go into both these issues as well as more issues that personal trainers for the most part do not address, and are usually unaware of. Issues that not only hinder progress – – but also cause injuries in the shoulder area, especially when swinging oneself around.

Crowning point of all this, of course was when they got down for their burpees.

The couple barely bent their arms during the pushup, and the trainer did one ” to show them how it was done”, and that was that.

And that was that for the session. There was some discussion about fees, but that, for the most part was that.

Huh?? You call that training? I wanted to ask the couple this, but didn’t …

Aside from all the other stuff, in the 0 Excuses Fitness System I don’t just TEACH you how to do the exercises.

I don’t just tell you to “drop and give me a 100 – or 250”!

NO – I pound ’em right THERE  WITH YOU – as it should be DONE!

A true personal trainer should be one that can DO the exercises with you, or at least do ’em enough to work up a good sweat with you.

A real personal trainer should motivate and inspire folks that can’t do a certain exercise to GO FOR IT – with vim, vigor and GUSTO rather than just say “OK”, and be done with it!

And of course, a real personal trainer should know what the hell they’re on about when it comes to training.

None of this, of course is anything against the trainer himself. Nicest guy possible from what I could tell, but his methods were WAY off. Maybe I’ll  offer to help him out a bit the next time – or maybe not.

We’ll see – stay posted for further updates on that!

In the meantime, remember that if you’re looking for real life, no nonsense fitness coaching that WILL get you in the best shape of your life – – then apply here and we’ll have you sorted ASAP.

But remember. This is only for serious trainees who TRAIN HARD – with NO excuses brooked or tolerated.

If you’re part of the “Oh, let’s just do the easy stuff” – then this probably ain’t for you.

If you’re part of the very large majority that is satisfied with “ego boosts” as opposed to real personal training – – then this sure as heck ain’t for you.

But if you’re truly interested in getting in the best shape of your life – both mentally and physically – then guess what. I’m right here for you!

Here is that link again – http://0excusesfitness.com/coaching/

I look forward to serving you.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t forget to check out our products page (new and revamped) right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/

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