Living “as if”

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Dear Reader,

A couple of years ago (in 2015 to be precise) a series of events occured in my life that I never “consciously” thought would occur – but occur they did.

I’m not talking fitness – or money – or anything of that sort. I’m talking life – and I’m talking emotions as powerful as man can experience – emotions that quite literally “took me to another plane of living” in many ways.

This rollercoaster ride lasted a while, and at the end of it, for various reasons and although I did NOT know it at the time, the “final” phase of my fitness journey to the goal I had in mind started.

I say final in quotes because it’s the journey that counts. And though I’ve achieved the goal I set for myself – I’ve set more, and continue to work towards those.

That’s just how life is, my friend. There’s no”stagnation” – both physically and mentally.

The minute you think you’ve “arrived” in whichever sense and figure you’ve got to do nothing else is the minute you start sliding downhill – FAST – and usually to a place that is BELOW where you were when you first started.

This a truism, and holds true for life as well as it does fitness – and I’ll bet those of you that are reading this agree with me. If it rings true, well – – it probably IS true, as they say!

Anyway, I was spurred on to that final phase by yet another emotion that drove me as if I was possessed.

At the time of achieving this fitness goal I had for myself, I never once saw myself (in my mind’s eye) as anything BUT haven’t achieved it.

I never saw myself as “not being able to achieve it”. There were no ifs, no buts, no maybe’s – – and while yes, getting down to brass tacks and actually DOING were the physical actions that transformed my reality – the mental aspect of this cannot be understated.

Lots of folks start out with good intentions, and stay on track for a month – or two months – or perhaps more – but unless that fire is brewing within – unless you’ve really got a passion for achieving whatever it is you set out to – chances are you’ll “slow down along the way”.

And thats not good, my friend. The key, or one of them, to achieving any goal is to keep the fire brewing – to have that WHITE HOT flame of desire percolating underneath your desire at all times – and boy was that case with me at the time I’m mentioning!

And “living as if” is one of the ways to keep the enthusiasm high – and to make yourself believe “internally” that YES – you WILL accomplish the goal.

Once you start living “as if”, and work on getting the right pictures to your subconscious – a “new you” takes over, although  you don’t know or see it as yet.

The beached whale may look like a tub of lard on the outside right NOW – but make no mistake – the minute he sets his mental programming on the right track is the minute he ACTS differently – and physical results start to follow soon thereafter.

Tangible, physical results.

When I cranked out my squats during that period, I never thought of “500 at a go being tough”.

I didn’t think of the hikes at 530 in the morning (and I ain’t a morning person by a long shot) being “impossible” or that “I wouldn’t wake up”. In fact I didn’t even need an alarm to wake up most of the time, such was the intensity of that DESIRE.

When I set a goal to accomplish 100 or more pull-ups in a workout, not for a minute did I believe I would never do it.

Yes, I didn’t know how to initially – but I always knew I’d find the way – and find it I did – and HOW!

And so forth.

So that’s today’s tip, my friend. Live “as if” – both while working out – and in terms of life in general. You’ll be nigh amazed at what you’ll accomplish if you incorporate this little gem into your routine.

Ok – thats it for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – A huge, huge thanks to all our readers for reading – – and an even bigger thanks to those of you that have been customers and continue to do so. It was the one year “anniversary” for this particular site yesterday, and we’ve come a long, long way … Speaking of which, it’s also the sixth anniversary of my old fitness site which I’m not currently working upon but will. Got big plans for that one – stay tuned!

P.S #2 – And for you workout maniacs out there – there’s literally no better way to celebrate this festive occasion by pounding out a few of the quick’n’dirty routines I give in the System. They won’t just get your heart and lungs pumping to the max – they’ll get you BELIEVING – and you’ll get a helluva workout to boot as well. Check out the System right here if you so choose – –

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