Faith over Fear

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Dear Reader,

Well, so my wife was shopping for T-shirts online for me. For some odd reason I seem to have run out of white T-shirts to wear with my “camouflage” pants, and today (for some other odd reason) was when we sat down together to look for T-shirts.

Yours truly isn’t much of a fan of shopping, as you might imagine. My wife usually does the shopping for clothes etc and calls “el groucho” out to “help with choices” only when necessary … I’m sure you get the drift, eh? Haha!

But as we looked through the T-shirts on display, two of them stood out.

One was “live life like a KING” – a quote I love, and philosophy that I’ve deeply embedded into my own life as well.

And the other was this – Faith over Fear – with a sharp looking arrow shooting straight THROUGH the “fear” word!

And as soon as I saw this T-shirt, I dropped everything, and rushed to the computer to write this to you.

Now, what exactly is so important about this, you might ask?

Well it’s this – over the past couple of days I’ve been giving you tips on not just fitness – but LIFE as well.

Tips – and ways of thinking that ALL great achievers in ALL fields have used/incorporated into their lives in one way or the other – – and the results speak for themselves.

And today’s message is an “amalgamation” of both the emails I sent out yesterday. Faith, my friend – is what we need MOST when we start any new venture – or when we start to accomplish or even dream of conquering new peaks – or moving mountains that seem immovable, and thus forth.

It is FAITH, my dear reader that one MUST have in heapfuls. If you don’t have faith – then you might as well not visualize etc.

FAITH is the MAIN reason that most of the “dreamers” that accomplished what seemed stupendous at the time did so.

They dreamt – they BURNED their dreams onto their (sub) consciousness – they got down to brass tacks and did it while being grateful – – and more – – but with all this, the key ingredient was this – FAITH.

Faith despite naysayers clamoring at every turn.

Faith despite people saying “they were idiots”.

Faith despite their bank balances sometimes showing ZERO.

Faith despite people saying “they were doing the wrong thing” (or worse, at some times).

And so forth.

In other words, they “kept the faith” and kept going on – and ON – and ON – and the results manifested, sure as daylight does at the end of a long night.

Napoleon Hill said it best when he said this

Faith is the visualization of and BELIEF in your desires.

Belief is key as well. Unless you truly, deep down at your core believe you can accomplish something – chances are you won’t – and I’m not talking simple “belief through will power” here.

In fact, will power pales in comparison to what I’m talking about here!

Now, in terms of fitness, what does all this mean?

Well – this – when you first start off with the 0 Excuses Fitness System, you might wonder “how exactly” you’ll achieve that lean ripped body of yours with “just bodyweight exercises”.

You might wonder why there’s no machines required. After all, we’ve all been sold on the gyms and machines concepts haven’t we?

You may even wonder if Rahul Mookerjee knows what he BE talking about – and I don’t blame you. After all, most of what I say and do is so contrary to the norm that folks normally blink once – or twice – or ten times when I talk about some of the things I do.

But here it is – RESULTS, my friend are what TALK.

Results talk, and BS walks – – and YOU too can accomplish the same results if you have FAITH, my friend.

If you’ve just started on the System, and aren’t seeing results straightaway, don’t despair. So long as you do all the right things (that I talk about in my daily emails) and keep the FAITH – your goal will manifest – and chances are it’ll happen QUICKER than you ever thought possible.

You may not be able to build Rome in a day, but build it you can.

You may not be able to go from ZERO to 100 pull-ups in a couple of days, but bear the vision in mind, and do so with DESIRE – and keep the FAITH – – and get there you will,  my friend.

And so it is with all your achievements, either fitness wise or otherwise.

In fact, it can’t be any other way. That’s just the way the Universe functions – and if you do all the right things – and follow all the instructions given to you by those that have achieved success – well – then YOU too, my friend are bound for success – – MORE than you ever believed possible in your wildest dreams at that.

As ole Stone Cold would say – “And that’s just the bottom line!”

Not because Stone Cold said so, hehe, but because the Universe said so.

Ok – thats it for today! I’ll be back again later.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of fitness, if you’re interested in doing what the “average Joe” does, well, fine – but you’ll get results accordingly. If you’re truly interested though in joining the leagues of the SUPER fit – the guys that pound out 100’s of pull-ups and handstand pushups per workout – – well – – then do and ACT the way those guys do. And the way these guys DO is outlined in the System. Grab a copy NOW, my friend, and watch your gains skyrocket through the roof in no time FLAT – –

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