“Because it’s a safe option”

Dear Reader,

When I was in college, I was advised by my parents to get a degree in mechanical engineering – something I had NO earthly interest in whatsoever – and why?

Because “it’s a safe option. There’s always jobs around in that”, said my Dad.

When I first broached the idea fitness wise that deep breathing and pushups could get you in the BEST shape of your life, the naysayers and scoffers and “Doubting Thomases” were out in full force.

“Huh? What do you know? You can’t get fit without pounding the treadmill or cranking out reps on the chest press!”

“Everyone knows the gym is essential!”

And so forth (this from folks that “thought” they had my best interests at heart, by the way!).

When I first started to think about going into biz for myself – I was again roundly reproached (either directly or indirectly) by a lot of folks.


Well, because “going into business is risky. It’s far better to be a slave to another person from 9-5 and usually beyond” – and why?

“Because it’s the safe option”, hehe.

Can you relate, my friend? I’m sure you can – – and despite all I’ve said above, what about results?

Well, we’ve covered those before (on all the points) so I’m not going to rehash them here – – but here is the thing – – the “safe option” aint always the best option, my friend – – and chances are you don’t WANT to take the safe option anyway.

I’ll deviate from this missive for now, and give you a bit of parenting tip (for those of you that are parents).

If you have kids – ask them what THEY WANT – rather than “suggesting” first. Believe me now and trust me later, most kids unconsciously “tailor” their wants depending upon what they believe will “sound good to Mommy and Daddy” – something to be avoided at all costs, my friend.

Every kid has a dream – a desire – some ASPIRATIONS – and yes – while it might sound crazy to YOU – it doesn’t sound crazy to the kid!

On that note, anything “new” sounds crazy. I’m pretty sure the world looked at the Wright brothers as if they were nuts when they first broached the idea of building the airplane – – and now?

Ditto for the wireless – – the good ole “tinkle tinkle” phone, hehe (ah them days before dumb phones made dumb asses out of us all, hehe) – – the light bulb – – and so forth.

Now, what  if you’re interested in taking the route LESS traveled – and KNOW you’re gonna make it a success?

What if you’re interested in getting fit the right way despite the naysayers, scoffers, Doubting Thomases and potbellied gentlemen on the chest press telling you otherwise?

Well – you do what I did at the age of 13 (what I’ve been doing ever since I can remember – and what ALL successful people have done throughout the ages).

You protect your INNER SANCTUM with the ferocity of a tigress caught unawares on a walk with her cubs and allow NOTHING to breach it!

When I was young, my father often complained “You’re building a wall around yourself that no-one can breach!”

Well, true. I was – and for reasons other than what I’m mentioning here, but in his 1967 classic “Grow Rich with Peace of Mind“, Napoleon Hill mentions exactly the same thing in Chapter 3 “The basic mental attitude that brings wealth peace of mind”.

In that Chapter, he talks about erecting not one, but TWO barriers around your inner mind i.e. what you really really want.

The first being a “general barrier of sorts” – – and the second being an even more fortified barrier which NO-ONE can breach except those you allow.

And then he talks about the “Guardians” he appoints to guard those barriers as well.

It’s a most interesting read, and the point is this – – if you really, really want something – – and that something isn’t “what others think is safe” – – then you’ve got two things to do on the “to – do list”.

A. BLOCK all out everything that others say. Build that wall around your desires and allow no man – or woman – to breach it until you accomplish said goal, and believe me, if you want it bad enough – you WILL get it!

B. Just do it. As Claude Bristol noted in “The power of belief”, “Go and tell no man” still holds very true!

This same philosophy is something you should bear in mind while working out as well for optimal results.

I’ve often told you about how folks in China would come up to me and want to pose for pictures etc when I was working out.

Understandable to a degree given I’m a foreign devil doing things they’ve never seen before – – and you’ll see the incredulous looks on faces in Advanced Hill Training as well in the pictures – – but what YOU need to do is ignore it all.

Don’t allow NOBODY to breach them walls – until the workout is over.

Once done, you can return to the “outside world” if you so choose.

But until then – – it’s nothing doing, my friend.

Although  most people don’t think so, this one last tip I’m giving you right here is probably the MOST powerful tip I can give you fitness wise. Ponder it over a couple of cold ones – – or a cuppa – – or “brew of choice” – – and let me know what you think!

Ok – that’s it for now. As always, I’m glad to have you tune in – – and here’s to a great, great day ahead!


Rahul Mookerjee

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