Focus on what you DO want

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Dear Reader,

Way back in the day (well, not so far back actually hehe, but whatever) when I first started the site, I had NO idea it would one day “metamorphose” into a full fledged business – or the “0 Excuses” biz, for that matter.

All I knew at that point was that I wanted to write “a” (emphasis on “a”) book on fitness – and help people through the very same techniques that helped me (and that I knew through my years of experience in the fitness industry would help  OTHERS as well) and sell that online.

That’s about the extent of it though.

Incredibly, although I wrote that book “Fast and Furious Fitness” (I still have a few copies of THAT first book left – – YES – – physical copies too!), I had NO idea on how to promote it – – or market it, or in plain layman’s terms, spread the word.

That book was what formed the “cornerstone” of the current “0 Excuses Fitness” book – – and though I’m no longer selling it, it’ll always remain very close to my heart indeed!

(0 Excuses Fitness is available right here – – )

Perhaps even more incredibly though, and some of you that have been on this list for years will attest to this, my email list grew pretty much from day one – WITHOUT doing any active promotion (not that I knew how to do it anyway back in the day).

Most surprisingly, a lot of those people STAYED THROUGH all the email server changes – – and all the hiccups we’ve had along the way – – until this day.

Hell, there have been people on this list that have voluntarily resigned up not once or twice – but THRICE due to “accidental removals” or what not – but the point being this, those folks (and you know who you are) stuck with me regardless!

In Zero to Hero I mention how I took a company in India from literally ZERO in sales (I.T. sales) to over USD 30,000 per month in a few months, and that ain’t me just saying it either – as you can tell from the testimonial on the page.

Incredibly, at the time I had NO I.T. sales experience. In fact, about the only sales experience I had was a project I got before I joined that company.

So that’s it. ONE project.

And yet, the sales poured in – – into the “3 man company” which it was at that time.

These and other such “miracles” did occur in my life, and at the time I never stopped to question ’em – – but neither did I ever think deeply about WHY they occured.

I was unknowingly using and applying the SAME principles back then that I teach you NOW, my friend – except I didn’t know I was doing this – and THAT is the #1 reason beyond ALL others that what happened “happened”.

I speak a lot about visualization – and seeing yourself the way you want to be, and unknowingly, at the time I had IMAGES in my mind as to where I wanted to be with regard to my site etc – – and those images manifested themselves as reality shortly thereafter.

That isn’t too say there was no actual effort involved – there was, but again – the key is this – I had the image in mind FIRST!

Most importantly, THAT was the only image that was uppermost in mind. In other words, I was focusing on what I DID want.

Not for a moment did I pause to consider that “I had no experience in sales”. Not for a fleeting second did I entertain the thought that I wouldn’t be able to grow my email list.

And incredibly, though my actual knowledge etc was lacking, I still accomplished these goals – – and MORE!

Now, in terms of fitness, when we’re overweight, flabby, out of shape and/or generally miserable with our lives, this can seem like a tall order.

When you look in the mirror and see a 300 pound “behemoth” staring back – – or when you see your bank account and see goose eggs (or close to it) staring back at ya – – or when you go into work “yet again” on Monday morning – – and so forth – – it can be DAMN hard to keep the above philosophy in mind – – but here’s the thing.

Keep it in mind you must – – especially when times are ROUGH!

The human mind by it’s very nature is the most marvelous piece of “computing equipment” that has EVER been “produced” – and likely ever will be.

As Napoleon Hill and scores of other achievers have rightly put it “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can ACHIEVE”.

So it can – but if there’s ONE flaw in this otherwise magnificent piece of “machinery”, it is this – our minds by default tend to focus way more on the NEGATIVE rather than the positive.

We tend to focus a lot more on what we don’t have – – or the current unpleasantness in our lives – – as opposed to what we DO want.

And this isn’t just done on a conscious level – – it’s done all the time at a subconscious level without us even knowing it – – and it “makes itself felt” in everything we do – – from work – to school – to relationships – fitness – or if you’re in mainland China, “teaching” or “learning English”, as well hehe.

In Zero to Hero, I mention how I asked one of my students to follow a visualization exercise, along with the exact steps I asked her to follow – and the results are mind boggling.

So will yours, my friend – if you just stop and visualize – – and FOCUS on what you DO want – – rather than what you don’t or the current lack of what you desire in your life.

In terms of fitness, focus on a new you with a washboard abdomen and a brawny chest – -or whatever it is that you desire.

Look at yourself in the mirror – and more importantly in your mind’s eye – and BURN that above picture into your subconscious REPEATEDLY – – and will it become reality?

You bet it will. Oh yes, it will. It may take time – but other hand – if you get into flow – and do what  I’ve said – chances are it’ll happen WAY before you “expect” it to happen.

Last, but not least, remember that ’tis but human sometimes to “give in” and end up focusing on what you don’t want – especially during the rough times.

I know how that goes. I’ve been there, my friend.

Key though is this – don’t beat yourself about it. DO however catch yourself at it as soon as you cotton on to what your mind is doing – and tell yourself what I just told you – and then DO it!

You’ll be amazed at how the “bad days” so often turn into “awesome days” if you follow this here little one tip!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Arnie used to imagine his biceps being “mountain peaks” while he was working out. Can’t say I quite agree with  his bodybuilding style, but hey – his imagery accomplished what he wanted! Now if you’re interested in say “barndoor lats” – – or “lats like bats” in other words – – or, as I said in a blog post a while back “getting that X shape that chicks dig” – – well, VISUALIZE it FIRST. Once you do that, run over HERE and invest in a copy of “Pull-ups – – from STUD to SUPER STUD” – – a course that has been knocking the socks off plenty of folks and building X tapers galore — right here – –

P.S. #2 – Marc, I haven’t forgotten you, my brother. I’ve received your response to the email I sent about YOUR workout the other day – – and I’ll post that soon here as well, hehe.  In the meantime, enjoy the boxing workouts – – and the cycling as well!

P.P.S — If you’ve got inspirational workout stories of yours to share – – send ’em in — and I’ll share ’em with the world! Hell, I shared mine at the “callow” age of 24 with a certain Brooks Kubik  (a living legend, btw) who gave me a write up I’ll NEVER forget – – and it’s time to return the favor now!


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