THIS is “climbing” the “mountain”

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Dear Reader,

Many moons ago, I recall being on the very peak of the famous and most dear to my heart Qi Feng “mountain” in China – – a hill where I …ah, but you regulars on this list know this already!

The incident I write about occurred in June or thereabouts – – or perhaps July. I don’t quite remember – all I remember was that it was HOT … REAL hot, at that. Plus ’twas the monsoon season as well.

Hot sticky weather, and NOT weather most folks would want to partake of ardous hikes in, but yet, yours truly did – – on a REGULAR basis.

Anyway, on my 4th jaunt up that monster I met this lady “Kelly” – – a lady who I had been teaching English to for a while, and she said hello.

“Why Hello, Michael! I didn’t know you climbed this mountain regularly!”

“Oh yes, I do, Kelly!”

Michael, by the way is what the Chinese refer to me as . My “English” name as it were – – one of the “oddities” of living in China is that virtually everyone has an “English” name, as it’s hard for the locals to pronounce names such as “Rahul” (which is one of the easiest names to pronounce to be honest – – but in China it comes across as “Lahoo” – – or worse “Yahoo” – – UGH!).

Anyway, we shook hands, and I continued my jaunt – – reached the peak – – and then continued downwards for my FINAL jaunt up the  hill – – the 5th time – – and I saw Kelly again.

She was huffing and puffing her way up the hill  – – the same one I was about to climb for the fifth and final time … By the way, you notice I’m calling it a “hill”, and thats basically what it is.

The Chinese like to refer to it as a “mountain” – – and that is fine by me, but it’s a basically a long, STEEP hill right next to where I  live in China. Anyhow, so I figured I’d give her company on the way up.

Before I could say it, she spoke.

“Why don’t we climb the mountain together? I can practice my English with you!”

“Ha, sure you can – for free”

Giggle, giggle. “Yes, for free …”

Thoughts truly are things, eh? Thoughts truly transmute – – and I’ll have an entertaining piece on that out as well soon – – but for now, so off it was till the top of the hill.

Once we finally reached the top (and it took a while – – she was SLOW) I took off my T-shirt.

It was one of those sports T-shirts you can buy from Decathlon – – weighing about nothing – – and yet, by the end of it, it felt like it weighed a ton.

I wrung out the sweat from the T-shirt multiple times, and pretty soon there was a puddle underneath me – – not to mention the sweat which was literally pouring off me as I stood there.

“So do you like to hike?” I asked her.

“Uh, sometimes … ”

“The Chinese love it as well. This hill seems to be pretty crowded on holidays!” (and it being a holiday that day, so it was).

“Yes, but … ”

“They just “climb””.


“I mean …. ” and she gestured at me again.

“They climb – – but YOU –  – now THIS – – (and here she pointed at the ever growing puddle again) IS REAL climbing!”

And the look of awe mixed in with astonishment (how the foreign devil keeps doing this on this excruciatingly hot day  and is seemingly NOT worse for wear for it) said it all.

It literally looked it was raining – – right under where I was standing, hehe.

So she was right – – but here’s the kicker.

While those long ass climbs up the hill definitely helped me get in better shape – – the “over-reliance” on one means of training was showing up elsewhere on my body.

Sure, I was in awesome shape. Close to zero fat on my body – – boundless stamina – – legs like PILLARS – – all attributes YOU too can get if you follow what I’ve said in the Chapter on Hills in 0 Excuses Fitness – – but other areas?

(You can grab 0 Excuses Fitness right here, btw – –

I wasn’t doing pushups regularly at that time, and 100 was a chore. I could do ’em, but i’d feel it later – – as opposed to now, when I can knock ’em off in my sleep practically.

And pull-ups?? Though I was doing 20-25 on a regular basis even then, if you had told me I’d be knocking out 100’s of them at a time, I’d stare at you and declare you crazy.

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking I’m gonna “pimp” my book on pull-ups – – and truth be told, I could – – but I won’t.

There is something else I’d like to say – – and ’tis this – – I coulda achieved MOST of the same fat burning and “tree trunk like leg” effects WITHOUT those long climbs up the hill.

Don’t get me wrong. Those climbs were required until a certain point – – but my enthusiasm got the better of me, and I overdid it – – and though I certainly didn’t suffer any ill effects from it (and neither will YOU) – – it wasn’t necessary.

This thought hit me like a flash of lightning in January this year – – when I started training some old, and yet forgotten exercises – – and doing so on that same hill.

Doing this dramatically DECREASED my workout time on the hill – – slashed it to less than a quarter of what I was spending before – – and the results just kept getting better!

And after I tried it a while, and saw myself literally losing weight AS I worked out – – I figured I better put a product out there on it. After all, who wouldn’t want extreme fat burning effects within the space of a minute or less?

It’s a no brainer, me thinks – – and all this led to me creating Advanced Hill Training – – right smack middle in the middle of Lunar New Year this year in 2018.

So if there’s ONE product I’m promoting today – – and doing so unabashedly, my dear listeners – – other than the 0 Excuses Fitness System, it is THIS – – Advanced Hill Training.

This product is an absolute must have for those of you interested in getting those chiseled abs, rock hard shoulders, V shaped lats, and the works.

An absolute MUST, my friend. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Go right here to check out what the fuss is all about – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My newest core training course “Corrugated Core” is going like gangbusters as well. Don’t have a hill next to you??? No problemo – – some of the exercises in this little gem will have you working up a sweaty storm just AS IF you WERE climbing an actual HILL! Grab your copy right here – –

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