Waking up “hopeful” every morning …. ?

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Dear Reader,

I just saw, what to me is the biggest crock (or one of the biggest, at any rate) of lies that is being fed to us in the form of “self help” or “staying positive” or the usual “it’s all about thinking positive (hint – it ain’t)” schools of thought.

What was it, you ask?

Well, I was browsing through my LinkedIn list, and saw this “You have to wake up every morning with hope! Hope that today will be greater than yesterday! Hope that tomorrow will be even greater today!”

It was a certain “Doctor” that posted this, and though she may or may not have used the term “hope” erroneously, the entire tone of the post seemed to scream out “it’s not in my control!”

To me, I would never ever and never have woken up purely “hopeful”.  Or purely “hoping” that today will be greater – or better!

To me, it’s all about waking up with a goal – a mini goal if I might say so for the day.

This could be a certain sales figure. It could be X number of pull-ups. Could even be something I’ve been doing for days on end, ad infinitum, such as my climb up the hill, for instance.

Whatever it is – to me it’s about waking up in the morning with a clear GOAL in front of your eyes – and anyone that isn’t doing this daily anyway is NOT priming themselves for success.

A clear goal – backed by a clear PLAN of ACTION – which in turn is backed up by UNWAVERING FAITH AND BELIEF – and I’m sorry to say it folks, and this might not sound politically correct at all – but here it is for you in plain English – hope is NOT a plan of action.

Simply sighing and “thinking positive” and saying you’re hopeful it’ll work or you’re hopeful that today will be better than yesterday ain’t gonna make it happen. If anything, you’ve just ceded control in your own subconscious – and you’ve told it clearly in so many words that “you’re not in control of your life, one day at a time”.

I talk about being in the flow and letting things happen – but this, my friend is completely different from “waking up hopeful” and ceding control to the external world.

If all you do in the morning is wake up, turn over, yawn and HOPE that things will be better today than they were yesterday – and then continue on as before – well, I’m sorry to say it – but it ain’t-a-gonna happen.

This is of course exactly the sort of “feel good” nonsense that modern day self help pundits proclaim works – and guess what it – it does NOT.

A far, far better way to “wake up” is as follows –

  • Before going to bed, program your subconscious to work upon goals for the next day – – or if you’ve already GOT goals for the next day, then program it to work upon problems that may not have been solved TODAY.
  • Visualizing is the way to program your subconscious. Do so the way I talk about in Zero to Hero, and the plan of action will be readily apparent to you as and when it appears.
  • Wake up in the morning, and have an image of your goals right in front of you in your mind’s eye” as you wake up.
  • Spend a few minutes in the “Theater of your Mind” – – get the good feeling GOING – -and then LEAP out of bed, full of energy, VIM and VIGOR – and start your DAY!

But merely waking up hopeful – and continuing on as before?

That just won’t work, my friend. BELIEF is what it’s all about – – pure, strong, UNADULTERATED BELIEF!

Now, I mentioned above that hope isn’t a plan of action  – – and this holds true as much for fitness as it does life itself.

Merely waking up and “hoping” today will be the day that you finally get rid of those love handles (hate handles??) or “bingo wings” – – or double chins – – or what not – – ain’t gonna make it that day.

You have to have a PLAN, my friend. You have to have GOALS.

And the plan when it comes to getting fit is this – choose the path of least resistance and the path that leads to the BEST results with minimal investment.

My 0 Excuses Fitness System not only gives you tons and tons of exercises (and “plans” a.k.a fitness routines) to get fit – it does so keeping in mind that the average person doesn’t have a lot of time to spend daily working out.

And though I’ve used plenty of words in the narrative – – “hope” hasn’t been used even once – – not in this book of mine, and not in ANY of the others I’ve penned.

‘Tis simple, my friend. We create our own realities. Hoping isn’t part of the bargain!

Fitness wise, 15 minutes of exercise is really all you need with my System in order to start seeing results – – results that keep getting better and better and BETTER without “hoping that they’ll appear”.

If you want more, great. If you have more time to spare, great. But if not – thats fine too. My System works great in both cases!

Not only that – – you’ll be able to set plenty of goals as well for yourself!

How about this – – getting yourself to the point where you can bang out a 250 pushup workout (as I did in the videos) with little or no “effort”?

Or 100 reverse pushups at once?

Or partake of all the routines at the end of the book – – one each day for an entire week?

The possibilities, my friend are limitless, and this sort of thing is what will make you BOUND out of bed in the morning as opposed to simply “hoping!”

So quit “hoping”. Quit thinking it’s all about “positive thinking”.

Visualize – set goals – FEEL yourself accomplishing them goals – – and then go for it!

There truly is NO other way to live.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’ve been enjoying these tips, don’t forget to pick  up a copy of Zero to Hero as well right here for MORE such inspirational writing/tips – – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/zero-to-hero/

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