“If you don’t risk SOMETHING – you risk EVERYTHING!”

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Dear Reader,

So, I just got back from a great workout – and a bit of a chin wag as well with a fellow trainee.

Now before I begin – NO – as you know, I’m NOT in favor of chit chat or “passing the time” between sets or whatever – – but this doesn’t mean I turn into a complete hermit.

Perhaps 99% – – or 99.9% – – but if I meet someone that’s interesting and can hold a good convo, I’m usually happy to talk to him or her for a bit (especially if the convo includes TRAINING!)

So there I was, on rep #56 or so of my pull-up workout. 100 in all again today …

Suddenly a “voice” piped up in the background – – in Hindi at that.

“Aaj Kitne Set Pull-up kiye?”

It took a few seconds to register that he was speaking Hindi, but register it did and what was he saying?

“How many sets of pull-ups have you done today?”

My “barriers” that I talked about in an email prior to this kicked in instantly – not because of what he was asking, but because, well, I didn’t want to be drawn into a conversation at that point and …

“Why do you ask?”

But as I said this, I looked at the guy, and I saw I had nothing to worry about. He was a fellow trainee alright – could see it in his eyes, and sure enough, this was confirmed as he spoke.

“I’d like to do pull-ups too! I find them mega tough but I have a goal to do X amount by … ”

(I’m not mentioning his exact goals here – but he gave me a number – and a date – both great. Napoleon Hill correctly said that when you desire anything – you have to be AS SPECIFIC as possible, and this dude sure was specific!”

Well, so we talked pull-ups for a while.

“Maybe I find them hard because this bar is too thick”, he mused.

“Yes, but thats the key right there”, I replied. And it is – as those of you who have purchased “Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD – – within a matter of WEEKS!” know fully well.

“But you need to lose the fat around your midsection”, I continued.

Yet another key, and after I gave him a few MORE keys – – all mentioned in the book – – he then said he was unable to lose weight despite sprinting.

“Huh? REally? That’s impossible, man”, I said.

“No, really. I sprint for a minute, then walk for a minute, and then … ”

“Wait a minute”, I said. “When you sprint for a minute – thats NOT an ALL OUT sprint! If you’re going for  60 seconds by the clock, you’re probably hitting 60% or so throughout – and thats being generous”.

And ’tis true, my friend. If you’re going ALL out – – you likely will NOT be able to sustain that pace for more than 15-20 seconds. Heck, even a cheetah doesn’t sprint ALL out for minutes on end, and …

Anyway, none of this is the point of this email, really.

So then we talked about other things. One being a comparison between India and China, and why China, despite the “communist” tag it’s tried so hard to shed is literally LIGHT years ahead of India in so many regards it ain’t even funny.

Now don’t get me wrong. “India fans” out there, this ain’t nothing against the country – – but to be frank, most of the country’s problems are self created, and could be solved with a simple tweak in mentality.

Anyway, then he asked me what I do.

“I’m a writer”,  I said. And then surprisingly enough, or not – – I found out that he used to be I.T. sales too – – much like yours truly, hehe. What a coincidence, eh?

I don’t believe in them coincidences, of course! Everything happens for a reason, and …

And then he said it.

“Of course. You’ve gotta follow your heart. If you don’t risk something – – you risk losing EVERYTHING!”

And this comment rang so true that I literally paused in the MIDDLE Of a pull-up, my friend.

So true it is – and I could rephrase it as such “If you don’t risk it all – – you’ll never GET it all” – – but regardless, his comment rang so true!

Look, folks – if you’re wanting to get somewhere in life – – or fitness – – or anything, for that matter – – you HAVE to be willing to take risks.

You HAVE to be willing to deviate from the path commonly traveled – the “straight and narrow”. Thats just how it is.

With the risks come hits – plenty of them. You gotta be willing to take ’em if you’re truly interested in “going places” and coming out a REAL winner and as Napoleon Hill says, “write your OWN ticket in life!”

Not only that, and as I’ve noted in Zero to Hero (a great read if you’re interested in such motivational tips), the minute you’re “stagnant” in life, or “happy in your comfort zone” – is the minute you start ROARING – downhill, not uphill.

‘Tis a fact. Man is a goal setting and “striving” machine, and anything other than spells disaster.

Fitness wise, what does all this mean.

The person that is 400 lbs overweight “risks” ridicule for even trying to get fit (sound familiar?) and plenty of negativity at the start.

Gym maniacs “risk” disapproval from their peers when they get down on the floor and start banging out pushups, squats and the like.

You’re doing something new basically – and you’re running a bit of a risk (if you can call it that!) – but the rewards, my friend?

The rewards FAR outweigh the risk and if I were you right now, and if the question was posed to me “Risk or Comfort” – – I know what I’d choose.

And I told the dude as much. He’s making a bomb at his current job – – heck, he was in the park the other day complaining to the credit company about what — a CREDIT on his account  – – he accidentally OVERPAID them – – something I couldn’t quite believe when he told me.

“Huh?? Most people have the opposite problem!”

“I’m rich. Haha”, he quipped.

“You sure are” I cackled back.

“But give me the choice, and I’d rather do what I’m doing. I’m making money – – but I live with a certain amount of risk – – but I wouldn’t have it ANY other way, my friend”.

Anyway, I wish the dude all the best in his pull-up goals. I hope he follows the tips I’ve given him – if he does – he’ll be banging dem out like a PRO in no time flat.

So that’s today’s tip(s). In the meantime, if you’re in the same predicament, and can’t do pull-ups no matter what, my course right here is the ticket – – http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

Invest now – – and be prepared for some scary levels of pulling strength thereafter!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – – Dude above was obviously NOT doing sprints correctly and I pointed that out – – but he’s not in the know about the other fat loss keys either. Maybe I’ll point ’em out to him the next time I see him – but hey, good news is this – you don’t have to “hang around” and wait for me to “point things out”. I’ve already packed all that info into a neat little fat blaster of mine earlier this year – – and here it is — a course you really, really WANT if you’re looking to lose them love handles and spare tires amongst others – – http://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/


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