Fitness and the occasional indulgence

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Dear Reader,

Well, so I don’t know if I referred to this in other posts, but the first thing I did yesterday (well, after speaking to the wife and after her comment that I covered in a past email) was this – to gleefully tear open a package I recently received.

What was it, you ask? A special book? A “gift” ? Or what … ?

Well, none of the above – it was a simple little T-shirt I had purchased online – – a white T-shirt which said this — “This guy needs a beer”, and had two massive thumbs pointing towards it.

I loved it the minute I saw it, and along with my “Faith over Fear” T-shirt (which hasn’t arrived until NOW) figured I’d pick it up instantly.

I didn’t even wait to wash it. Threw it on and had a selfie taken with the dumbphone, which seems to be quite popular on Instagram for one.

Heck, the post was doing so well that the software asked me if I wanted to “boost the post since it was doing better than 80% of my other posts”.

I didn’t do so, of course, but other than what was written on the T-shirt, the reason I mention this is … because it’s important to remember that while fitness is of utmost importance, at the end of the day we have to face the fact that we’re human beings and by nature require certain indulgences (so long as they don’t go overboard!).

What do I mean.

Well, I’m a fitness guy. Ripped, six pack, “broad shoulders”, and that much coveted (hey, folks keep telling me!) “V – Taper”, and so forth.

Folks keep showing up to ask me how to do pull-ups. Handstand pushups. How I stay in such good shape despite … and so forth.

And yet, the fact is this – I’m a huge beer lover. I LOVE drinking beer – – and yet, despite this “indulgence” of mine, I’m staying in shape – – super shape, at that – – and thats pretty much why I posted the picture as well.

Results speak, as they say. I’m not one of those “pot bellied” fitness experts who “talks but does nothing”.

On that note, I’m currently in India, and being cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, its naturally always a topic of discussion – but while I’m not a huge fan of cricket at this point, the fact remains that the head coach of the Indian cricket team – a certain “Ravi Shastri” (who from what I glean used to be a pretty good player back in the day) could do with a serious, serious helping of 0 Excuses Fitness — and MORE.

And there’s a picture of him on a popular website “Cricinfo” – ( – – scroll down towards the center of the page past all the “technical stuff” or alternatively, type in “at a practice session” in your browser’s search window and you’ll get there too.

My, my my.

For a coach of a national cricket team that says it prides itself on fitness, the head coach sure don’t look like he believes in what he says. He’s got “beachballs” for abs – – and that’s putting it lightly.

My, my my again. Upon looking at that picture I googled to see if he was having a “one off” as it were – but nah – that seems to be his current status for sure!

Great example – of someone who probably indulges a LOT MORE than he should be – compared with – well, let’s say someone whose got less than a fraction of the resources he does – that being yours truly and the vast majority of readers of this newsletters, and the results?

Haha …

Anyway, point is this – that if you’re working out hard and often – if you’re doing all the right things – if you’re doing short, intense workouts – then it’s ALWAYS a good idea to reward yourself – but do so OCCASIONALLY.

If you want that pizza, make sure you don’t do it DAILY – but by that same token, make sure you reward yourself at the end of the week  with an extra cheese, super large pizza for having several good workouts in a row.

Ditto for a few brews – or ice cream – or vodka – or whatever your poison of choice might be.

Note that the OCCASIONAL indulgence is NOT going to pile on fat around your midsection.

A few brews will NOT “destroy all your hard work” as is commonly thought!

As I write about in the Simple and Effective Diet (which, by the way is FREE with your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System) – your body will forgive you for the occasional “transgression” if you do the right thing 99% of the time.

Super strict diets and really punishing yourself rarely works. Of course, if you’re 400 lbs right now and extremely overweight/unfit/obese – then yes – those drastic measures do need to be taken – but balance them out with rewards as soon as you see progress, my friend.

You’ll find this approach is far, far better in the long run – – and will also keep you motivated to keep going – – and scale heights of fitness you never have previously!

Ok – so that’s it for today. Thanks for reading – and if you workout today – make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re the type (like Mr. Shastri presumably is) that loves a “too occasional” indulgence, hehe, well fret NOT. While it’s not what I’d advocate, you CAN eat more and weight less, and I’ve told you the story before as well with actual PROOF. Whats more, I’ve put together the entire shebang in a concise easy to read (and easier to implement!) manual that you can grab right HERE – –

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