“Go and tell NO man”

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Dear Reader,

So, I was engaged in my usual “tete – a -tete” with my daughter last night before she lopped off to bed.

Now for those that don’t know (regular readers of this list know by now!) I’ve made it a habit to talk to my daughter every morning upon waking up – and every night before retiring – and any time I can in between during the day – but the most important of these talks is either the first time or the second.


Well, these are the times, my friend that the mind – and especially the subconscious mind is MOST receptive to thoughts – either positive or negative, depending upon what you “feed it”.

Remember that though our subconscious minds are pliable (in that they don’t have the choice to “reject” what is being fed them) – they certainly ACT upon the input they receive.

Think of it as a computer screen. If you wrote “I’m going to succeed” – what would show up on the screen?

Obviously the same – and the same thing happens with the screen of your LIFE, my friend.

Tell me the LAST thoughts you have before bed – and the FIRST thing you generally think of when you wake up – and I’ll tell you where you’re headed in life.

Anyway, so last night she made a bit of a gaffe, but to her credit, she told me instantly.

“Papa, I messed up … ”

“Hmm, Ok. What’s wrong honey? What did you do?” I asked lovingly. There’s nothing cuter than an almost 5 year old daughter looking at her Dad in that “beseeching” manner if you get my drift …!

Turns out she was on the phone with her Uncle – and a couple of other relatives.

And during the conversation she ended up accidentally mentioning one of my goals – something I shared ONLY with her – and had asked her to keep private.

Something she usually DOES keep private of her own accord – – and something I’ve told her NOT to mention to others regardless of “how much she might want to”.

“Honey, it’s OK. It happens!”

“Papa, but I’m sorry … ”

“Thats ok, sweetie…”

And after a few hugs, I explained it to her.

“Sweetie, as we discussed, the vast majority of times you’re better off telling NO-ONE about your goals. You and me share goals because our minds vibrate on the same levels – – and we truly DO want the same things – – but that can’t be said for everyone else!”

“Yes, Papa, I know … ”

Anyway, all good. Adults make this mistake all the time – and the good part is this – my little one NOTICED the mistake as soon as she made it, and I highly doubt she’ll repeat it – – regardless of whether or not I “tell her not to”.

Claude Bristol was spot on in his “The Magic  of Believing” when he said “the old axiom “Go and tell no man”” still holds true!

Now it might come across as surprising – but ’tis true – my daughter is one of the very very few people I actually discuss my innermost goals – and desires with – and why?

Because she VIBRATES positively – and does so on the SAME plane of mind that I do!

While that might sound overly esoteric, remember this – I talk to my daughter regularly when she’s sleeping.

I’ll tell her positive things. I’ll tell her she can do ANYTHING she sets her mind to – and achieve accordingly. And so forth. Things I believe in. Things close to my heart. And so forth!

And guess what – ’tis astounding, but out of the blue she’ll sometimes make comments like “Dad, you told me this last night”.

And I did – but she was fast ASLEEP – snoring at that – when I said it!

The subconscious is truly an amazing thing – and will work for us BIG time if we let it!

And the way for ALL of us as adults to tap into the immense powers of the subconscious is through visualization – as I mention in Zero to Hero.

Not only that, you’re better off NOT telling anyone your goals when you set ’em – – unless your ABSOLUTELY sure the person is “on your side” (and even so, it’s best to keep them goals to yourself).

Ever notice how you feel “deflated” a lot of times after telling people your goals? A feeling of “lethargy” popping up after that uber-enthusiastic description of what  you want to achieve – and why – to people that “should be” close to you?

Well – it’s a subconscious ENERGY LEAK, my friend – caused by negative energies that are either consciously or unconsciously pulling AGAINST you – and it takes that much work to then “free” yourself of the negative and get back to the positive!

So in terms of fitness, if you’re currently stuck at ZERO pull-ups – or ZERO dead hangs for that matter – but have a goal to do 50 per workout and then a 100 – well – that is GREAT – but …

If you’ve got a goal to go down from 120 kgs – > 60 kgs as yours truly once had – and accomplished via the same methods I lay out for YOU – well, that is wonderful, but …

If you’ve got a goal to hike hills daily without fail at 530 A.M. in the morning, superlative, but …

You see what I’m saying, eh?

As Napoleon Hill said – – and as I’ve now taught my daughter (she’s reciting it like an anthem as I type, hehe) – – “Tell the world what you’re going to do – but SHOW THEM FIRST!”

‘Tis so true, my friend – ’tis so true – and thats just how goals work.

Visualize – set goals – plug them energy leaks and then get to WORK – and you’ll find the Universe automatically pulling for YOU.

There truly is no other way!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you enjoyed this tip, you’ll enjoy the story of how an English student of mine improved her oral English by leaps and bounds – by using the ONE visualization technique I so highly recommend – a technique YOU too can use in terms of your fitness goals. Find out more in the System, which you can and SHOULD grab right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


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