Triceps for life

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Dear Reader,

So I was sucking air at the end of my workout this evening – a tough, tough one even by my standards – and capped off with a few Bourne sprints a.k.a Advanced Hill Training.

Do y’all remember the guy that I spoke about a few days ago? The dude who inspired the “if you don’t risk something you risk EVERYTHING” post?

Well – saw him again today – but he was busy on the phone, so didn’t get a chance to catch up and ask about his pull-ups. Rest assured I’ll keep you posted on that front though!

On another front, I met someone else tonight (by chance) who I admire greatly – and who I’ve written about before.

And who might that be, you ask?

Well, the 70 plus year old retired Brigadier General – standing out in the open with his shirt off, clad in a vest and shorts – and I could tell it was him from afar – even with the lighting being so dim that I could barely make out my steps ahead on the road in front of me.

You know what’s the ONE – or I should say TWO things these army stalwarts — guys that have put in the time for YEARS and YEARS – – have in common physically – – as well as mentally?

Mentally, they’ve all (or most, at any rate) got that “extra zip” to them if you get my drift. Now this doesn’t mean “manic energy” – – or “over exercising” – – or anything of that sort.

It’s that “X factor” that I can FEEL – – that many people say I have as well – – and thats what a lot of these guys have too.

And physically?

Well, a strong grip for starters –  – and Gorilla Grip aficionados know what I mean here, hehe. For now let’s just say that if you’re dealing with an army man with years of service under his belt – – be prepared for a bone crusher at the very least!

More than that though, it’s the arms – and tricep development in particular.

The Brigadier is well over 70 – -pushing on in years, and yet looking at him standing there in the dim light – – I for one wouldn’t want to meet him up a dark alley.

Those arms are still mammoth — and the bulging triceps and pectorals speak PROUDLY to a lifetime of physical endeavors and ACHIEVEMENT, my friend.

‘Tis exactly the same with my buddy from the Marines – Vincent – him with over 25 years of service. He’s got the EXACT same “iron monger” (King Kong) build to him – except he’s of course a massive guy naturally, so he’s a lot bigger, but again – – the basic “structure” of his arms is exactly the same!

Triceps for life, as the term came to my mind – and that is what inspired today’s email!

And of course, both these guys look — and act a lot younger than their ages. My buddy i s over 50 at the time of writing this, and yet he doesn’t look a day over 40 – – and sure don’t “act” like he’s over the hill in any way, shape or form – – and guess what – – this thinking manifests itself externally as well.

Ditto for the Brigadier – doesn’t look a day over 45 if even that!

Anyway, back to triceps for life – – a topic which gym goers and casual fitness enthusiasts alike will be much interested in.

What exactly do these guys do that sets them up with these massive arms and triceps – – for life?

Is it pull-ups?

We all know the obsession Marines have with doing record number of pull-ups (a great thing by the way) – but the real secret is NOT that, my friend.

Part of it, of course is pushups – – done in plenty of different styles and in high reps at that. Vincent once told me that he knew a guy in the Marines that could do 200 regular pushups in PROPER cadence without pausing (well, not for long at any rate).


But even pushups,  my friend are NOT the entire answer to their gorilla like chest and arm build.

The REAL key is this – overhead carries – – and presses – – and buddy carries – – wheelbarrows- – and rope climbing amongst other things – – ALL activities that tax the triceps heavily, especially the first two!

Believe me now, and trust me later — not only does it take GUTS to keep going through muck, hell and high water with a massive log atop your shoulders (and your platoon mates’s) – – but it builds STRENGTH in spades too.

It builds shoulders like BOULDERS — and the other exercises that Marines are famous for doing?

Well, handstand pushups – – and plenty of them at that!

Handstand pushups are by far the best pushing exercise you can do for your upper body, my friend.

Not only do you improve your balance and co-ordination by doing a BASIC handstand pushup – – let alone advanced – – but merely holding this position will shock the ever living heck out of your triceps, and cause crazy growth – – and fat loss throughout the entire upper body as well.

They are also by far the closest thing you can do in terms of imitating log carries – – or buddy carries etc.

And THIS one exercise my friend, along with the other styles of pushups detailed in 0 Excuses Fitness WILL set you up with the “triceps for LIFE” look that you so desire – – if you do it right.

So don’t waste any more time looking for the “perfect” upper body fat blaster/muscle builder. Jog on over right HERE to start building the arms and SHOULDERS of your dreams right NOW  – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re a newbie, I don’t recommend jumping straight into handstand pushups. If you’ve been pounding the weights for years but haven’t done a pushup for ages, you might want to think twice before jumping into these. Ditto for couch potatoes, weekend warriors etc. What you want to do in this case is start with the pushups in the 0 Excuses Fitness System which by themselves will give you an ass whooping workout of your LIFE. Find out how right HERE —


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