Your BIGGEST success

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Dear Reader,

I’ll start off with a question here today – – a seemingly simple question, but funnily enough – – a question that floors most folks when I ASK it.

Here it is then – – if I were to ask you WHAT your biggest success was /is – – or successes were/are – – WHAT would you tell me?

Would you smile at me and reel off your accomplishments – – or whatever you consider to be successes – – or would the question temporarily floor you as you “stop to ponder”?

Would you then ponder – – and then come up with “I don’t know, Rahul. I’ve never really been successful at anything in my life”?

Well, let me tell you this, my friend.

If by any chance you fall into the FIRST category –  you are in the RAREST of rare category of folks right there. A category of people who are well aware of how to visualize past successes, and how to transmute that same energy into future successes in ANY endeavor, bar none.

But if you’re in either one of, or both of the latter two categories?

Fret not, my friend – ’tis amazing, but the vast majority of folks I meet fall into either one or both of these, so you ain’t alone by a long shot!

What’s mind boggling to me is how people can simply up and say “We’ve never had any successes”. Then again, given the negative subconscious programming most folks have been subjected to, it doesn’t really surprise me. . .

And believe it or not – – yours truly used to think and FEEL this same way as well, despite achieving (in many, many areas) what might be considered as “success” or something people “really want, but are unable to get”.

I’ve spoken about some of these before, of course.

From 120 -> 60 kgs – that one is a tale unto itself.

All those sales I made at that I.T. Company, which literally took it, as my next employer termed it, from “Zero to Hero”.

Or perhaps even the story of my own marriage, which I haven’t shared here – but which in itself would make for a pretty good story – – or Bollywood movie, hehe (snicker, snicker, I know!).

Or perhaps the hill climbs. Or perhaps … well, there are SO MANY – but here’s the point – – what I consider to be my greatest success as of today is something I’ve never spoken about on this email list, and something I probably won’t here either.

Paradoxically enough or maybe not, I’m not making a lot of dough off that success – right now – – but does it matter?

Not an iota – – and no, I ain’t referring to anything fitness/sales related here.

What is it, then – well, you’ll have to get to  know me better for that one – – but for now, here’s the POINT of all this.

I speak about visualization ad infinitum, and advise folks to visualize their goals as if they had already achieved it – – and THEN go ahead and actually “git her done”.

Trouble is, while some people can visualize it, they have trouble imparting EMOTION into the image they think about – – simply because, as some people tell me “they don’t know what it feels like – or what they would feel like – once it’s actually done”.

Now this, my friend is a mistake of stupendous proportions and yet one that can be easily corrected by going into your memory banks and retrieving memories of past SUCCESSES – – basking in them – – and THEN visualizing your new success.

Your subconscious thinks in pictures, true, but the REAL key to any of this is positive emotion, my friend.

Positive, red hot, white hot ENERGY – so much so you can feel the steam coming off it as you visualize.

And don’t tell me you’ve never had any successes. Everyone’s had ’em.

Ok, so you made a career change in your 40’s, for instance. You might turn around and tell me “thats nothing”, but it IS, my friend. It IS.

You might have taken up a new hobby as of late and figured out you’re getting real good at it. Is that not a success? Sure it is!

Look HARD in your memory banks, and you’ll find successes – – the small things – – so many of them that gratitude will be POURING off you as you relive those successes in minute detail, and FEEL ’em as well!

Once you’re in this state of mind, go on ahead and craft some goals – fitness related or otherwise.

If you’re looking to get down from 120-60 kgs  – – or the like – – thats an admirable goal, my friend, and a LOT of people need this in their lives as well.

While the 0 Excuses Fitness System gives you the tools you need to make this happen, the REAL key is what I just mentioned above, and what in part is the FIRST Commandment in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the System – – or should I say success in any endeavor.

So grab it now – – hot off the shelf as it were, and as you do so – – ponder the question I just asked you.

What’s your biggest success?

Think it – feel it – and GO AFTER it – with positive emotions, vim, vigor and gusto!

There truly is no other way, my friend!



P.S. – And yes, this sort of thing can be imparted into ANY fitness goal you have. You might think it’s not possible, for instance, to go from doing 0 to a 100 plus pull-ups per workout – – but it IS, my friend. It IS. I’ve done it – – and so can you – – using the SAME methodology as I’ve described in the new and updated “Pullups – – from DUD to STUD within a few WEEKS”. Grab your copy right here, right NOW – –

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